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Lunar eclipse: getting rid of debt, trouble and complexes

Lunar eclipse: getting rid of debt, trouble and complexes

Periods of lunar eclipses do not last long, but they strongly influence our life. Therefore, on the eve of the next lunar eclipse, you can turn to astrological predictions.

Only a year there are three lunar and three solar eclipses. Follow the lunar calendars to know the dates when you should be more careful and attentive to everything that is happening around you. A separate conversation deserves the question of what awaits a man born in a lunar eclipse.

It is believed that the fate of such people is unique in many ways.

What is a lunar eclipse

From the point of view of astronomy, everything is extremely simple. Imagine that you are in a dark room — this is space. At one end of the room there is one globe — this is the Moon, in the middle of the room another globe — this is our Earth, on which the flashlight-sun shines. It turns out the line of the Moon-Earth-Sun.

When the flashlight turns on, the distant globe, the Moon, will be in the shadow of the Earth. This is the lunar eclipse. It may be complete, may be partial or penumbral.

Observing the eclipse, we stand on the middle globe and see how the Earth obscures the Moon.

The maximum number of lunar eclipses per year is three. They may also not be at all. The rarest eclipses occur in the full moon, when the entire visible full moon covers the shadow of our planet.

This is a beautiful, fascinating sight.

Astrology eclipses and rites

Astrologers say that in these periods people behave extremely strange and unusual. Eclipses can thwart your plans, change your attitude towards something or someone, which sometimes has unpredictable or negative consequences.

Seers, clairvoyants and astrologers say: thanks to special rites or rituals, you can get rid of debts, complexes and other troubles. It is a time of purification and a time of change.

In the eclipse is very good to get rid of bad habits. You can safely look in the face of fears and complexes. The same applies to love problems — if you want to end a relationship with a person or get rid of unrequited feelings, this can be done most easily in an eclipse.

Rituals will help to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, complexes and troubles.

Lunar eclipse rites

Directly in the eclipse itself you need to light a candle and utter a conspiracy:

Give me strength, mother nature, to gain freedom from fear, to see my eyes and illnesses leave me.

After that, say out loud everything you want to leave in this day and not take it with you to a new future. For example:

I want to stop drinking alcohol, get rid of debts, stop being attached to a person, I want to stop being afraid of loneliness.

Everything that torments you, you can leave and move on. You can also write all this on a piece of paper and burn it, and wash the ashes down the sink. Which option is closer to you, do so.

The second rite is meditation. If an eclipse occurs during the day, create darkness in the room. It will take loneliness and total concentration, therefore it is better to close the windows both at night and during the day so that no sound can reach you.

Lie down or sit down, as you will need complete relaxation. Determine for yourself the most serious problem at the moment. Close your eyes and imagine that you are standing in front of the entrance to a dark cave in which your fear lives, an enemy or an unsolved problem.

You slowly go in there and see complete darkness. Then you distinguish sounds or images related to your problem. Then it slowly moves away from you, the darkness absorbs sounds, images, thoughts. The problem is no more, now you are free, but it remains to get out.

You turn around and without looking around you go to the exit of the cave, forgetting about all the troubles.

This meditation can be used not only during the lunar eclipse, but on this day the power of your energy will be much higher, so it is strongly recommended to meditate in eclipse.

Fortune rite «Card Fate»

Take a deck of cards and stir it. Determine for yourself the most acute problem at the moment — cash debts, troubles at work or in love, complexes. Spread cards one by one. Wait for the ladies, king or ace.

A black king or queen means that you will meet a man or a woman who will help solve the problem. A red king or queen promises a quick appearance of a man or a woman who can give you strength to solve a problem. Aces will tell about the causes of the problem. Black is a curse, an evil eye, revenge of the enemy.

Red — you are guilty in the circumstances, and your fate is only in your hands.

Each lunar eclipse is a time of secrets and signs from above. Sometimes everything seems to be turned upside down. Take advantage of this to transform your life and make it more pleasant.

Work on your own energy, raising your spirits and setting the right goals and objectives. Use affirmations for every day to program yourself for success. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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