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Lunar eclipse august 7

Lunar eclipse of august 7

In the lunar calendar, eclipses always play a special role. These phenomena occur infrequently, so they should be treated with caution, given their negative impact on all spheres of life.

Contrary to the opinion of negatively-minded individuals, lunar eclipses may have some pleasant features for us. In antiquity, the eclipses of the Sun or the Moon were a sign that dark power, black magic, evil were flourishing. Now everything can be explained by special destructive waves that emanate from such a union of the Moon and the Sun.

Features of the coming eclipse

Like any other, a lunar eclipse on August 7 of the year will take place against the background of the Full Moon. This means that all its negative features will be preserved and even multiplied.

On the 7th, practically all of Russia will be able to observe the bloody moon. This will happen closer to 21:00 Moscow time. The shadow will pass on the lower part of the satellite of the Earth, but will still be visible to the naked eye.

The main thing is to have as few clouds as possible. For the best visibility, you should leave the zone of the city and get into nature, from where celestial objects are seen much more clearly.

As for the astrological aspects, then the most important factor is the location of the moon. On August 7, she will be in the Sign of Aquarius.

The positive sides of a lunar eclipse

Positive moments certainly exist. They are few, but they are very important.

First of all, on August 7, when the activity of the Moon is high and is also fed by the Sun, the action of Aquarius will be maximum. On this day you can try buy something very important and expensive.

Secondly, the change in the situation at home or at work will be positive.. It will be desirable to rearrange the furniture and get rid of unnecessary things, junk. This will refresh the energy of the home or other premises.

Thirdly, new cases will be given much easier. However, there are some pitfalls. Do not try to succeed in any business, if you just recently started it. Build a starting path and return to it later.

This will be a very active and far from the most negative eclipse of the moon, so don’t be too careful.

Negatives of the eclipse of August 7

On August 7, you should not dwell on one thing.. This day will be dangerous for everyone, so you need a special dynamic. Be versatile, do not get carried away with the tasks of work or excessive rest.

The universe wants everything to be in harmony.

On this day, people will be more irritable than usual.. Of particular danger will be those who usually use your kindness. They may require gratuitous help from you on the basis of only self-pity.

Do not listen to anyone, have your opinion. Everyone will try to bend their line.

Revenge and desire to bring retribution will be your most dangerous companions. In the days of eclipses, such desires can destroy your energy and, as a result, deprive you of good luck for a long time.

It is not necessary to commit rash acts, because the Full Moon is a time when people’s minds are clouded, when the objective perception of familiar things is replaced by some kind of illusion. Eclipse will increase it.

As for physical activity, then in the eclipse it will be superfluous. Exercise is better to suspend in the evening. The only thing that can somehow meet the needs is active rest, walks, water procedures.

Problems in eclipse also arise with intuition. Believe only the facts and do not try to keep up with luck without the appropriate opportunities. August 7, try to protect themselves from negative people.

Increase energy in passive ways — rest, positive thoughts. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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