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Lunar eclipse august 18

Lunar eclipse august 18

August 18, we are waiting for a rare natural and astronomical phenomenon. This is a lunar eclipse, which will occur in a very difficult lunar phase — during the Full Moon.

Such coincidences are quite rare. Follow our daily lunar calendar to know what each new day awaits you in love, affairs and health. The lunar calendar notes that August 18 will be a very difficult day, as the lunar eclipse will coincide with the Full Moon.

The energy state of the world and all living beings will change dramatically, because of which people can easily meet many problems of a very different nature.

Astronomy and Eclipse of the Moon

In order to explain to the uninitiated person what a lunar eclipse is, let us imagine a flashlight turned on in a dark room that shines on a globe. Imagine that the globe is the Moon, and the flashlight is our Sun. If you block the light of the lantern with another round object, then a shadow falls on the globe.

This item is our Earth around which the globe rotates. When the Moon, the Earth and the Sun line up, our planet covers the Moon, and we can observe the wonderful phenomenon of a lunar eclipse from Earth.

Despite the fact that a lunar eclipse occurs about three times a year, and it cannot be called a unique natural phenomenon, however, in the Full Moon, an eclipse happens much less frequently. August 18 will be just such a day. This year is the second eclipse of the full moon.

Even more rare is the total eclipse of the full moon. This is the case when the moon is completely covered by the shadow of the Earth. The last time such an eclipse was September 28 of the year.

It is very beautiful, but it is extremely rare with different frequency — from a year to 15 years.

On August 18, the eclipse will be a penumbral, which means that it can be seen only through a telescope. To the naked eye, a decrease in the intensity of light reflected from the moon will not be visible.

Astrology and eclipse August 18

Astrology is extremely negative about eclipses. In Vedic astrology, the Moon is responsible for the psychological health of a person and for good luck, so a lunar eclipse can cause deviations in the psyche of people. Someone begins to worry a lot, someone, on the contrary, becomes indifferent to dangers. That is why astrologers advise on such days to engage in meditation and spiritual practices, rather than risky activities.

All urgent problems and important matters should be postponed until the 19th.

August 18 eclipse of the moon will be held in the sign of Aquarius. This means that any mental activity and creativity began to be transferred to another day. All those who study, are engaged in intellectual work, or simply gather knowledge, will feel serious complications in the learning process.

Depression is also possible. To get rid of them, use the advice of psychologists, and a couple of three exactly fit you.

Astrologers also note that the eclipse is stronger, the greater the shadow on the moon. This time it will be barely noticeable, so you should not worry, although there will definitely not be too much prudence. The fact of the interaction of Aquarius with the Moon is not very pleasant, however, it will be very easy to survive this day and not encounter problems on the way.

Just minimize situations where you are driven by emotions, not common sense.

In the world during lunar eclipses, a lot more oddities usually occur. So, when there was a super-lunar eclipse, a scandalous meeting of world leaders in the UN took place. There were a lot of political disputes, some politicians put forth strange demands and made unusual decisions.

The Czech Republic wanted to withdraw from the European Union, France stood up for Russia. This meeting was very tense and unusual. All because of the fault, as astrologers believe, was precisely the eclipse.

Try using our previously published techniques to charge yourself with positive energy and good luck for the whole day. All the best to you, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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