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Lunar day today May 3

Lunar day today May 3

On the third of May, we will face a rather unfavorable day, coupled with the appearance of unexpected problems, for the solution of which we will have to exercise utmost caution and prudence. Lunar calendar tips will help you stay afloat.

This is a completely passive day, which will be different disharmony. There may be aggression or unexpected changes caused by the reluctance to fight with their instincts and character flaws. Astrologers advise today to work with negative thoughts, try to stop being a selfish and frivolous person.

Tips of the lunar calendar will be most welcome: they will help to solve many unresolved problems caused by the unstable energy of the moon.

Phase of the Moon: Today is the 18th lunar day — time of unhurried stability. The waning moon will be in the constellation Sagittarius. In the days of the influence of this Sign, people need the help of a mentor, patron, or a loved one.

Be prepared for the fact that on May 3 there may be an increased interest in events occurring in public life.

Magnetic storms: On May 3, the Earth’s magnetosphere will be calm, the probability of a magnetic storm occurring is minimal. Solar winds are unlikely to prevent you from spending this day according to your plans.

What will bring good luck:

  • a change of scenery;
  • caution;
  • balanced decisions;
  • work on yourself;
  • getting new knowledge.

What will scare away luck:

  • obsessive thoughts;
  • rash decisions;
  • inattention;
  • vanity.

Housework today

Today, you can do absolutely any chores around the house and the household, including those that require increased load. This is a good day for planting, seed preparation. It should also be noted that in the 18th lunar day it is recommended to spend leisure time with close people.

Invite friends or visit parents and grandparents. Communication with them will bring you the most pleasant emotions today.

Lunar Wardrobe

As you know, the weather is quite changeable, and its often changing conditions are difficult to get used to. Dressing today is desirable for the weather, following all her whims, regardless of your image. The wardrobe base today is a minimum of things and bright colors.

Your clothes should be harmonious, versatile, high-quality, combined in color and style, simple and dull.

Finance and Career on Thursday

Today it is desirable to solve simple working questions and avoid serious measures. Any of your activity on May 3 will be just useless, so you should not do something important. Especially today in life there are probably too many sudden and unexpected changes.

In a word — continuous unpredictability. It is impossible to know in advance what your case will turn out to be: success or failure.

The beginning of the day is the time of conflicts, disputes, spiritual discord, internal contradictions, unexpected troubles. All the most unpleasant can fall on you in the morning, and problems will arise for no apparent reason. This is not the best time to negotiate: you can fall under the influence of others, become a victim of manipulation or fraud.

Love and relationship May 3

Today is not suitable for dating. Communicating with the opposite sex can leave a feeling of emptiness and loneliness in the soul, especially for those whose relationships are at the stage of generation. May 3, family people can hear from their partner a lot of words about themselves that you are unlikely to like.

It is not necessary to provoke a loved one to conflict or try to sort out relationships, let emotions calm down.

According to the lunar calendar, people today can fully experience both meanness and selfishness, as well as love and compassion. If your relationship is strong and time-tested, it is advisable to listen to the words of a loved one. This will help to know your weaknesses, character flaws, and therefore there will be a chance to correct them.

On the 18th lunar day, special attention should be paid to casual acquaintances — they may turn out to be promising.

Mood and health in the 18th lunar day

Today, many people can torment insomnia. Sleep problems show that a large amount of unspent energy has accumulated in the body, which causes bouts of irritation and aggression and leads to insomnia. A vicious circle, which today should be broken.

The lunar calendar recommends to purge the body, mind, soul on May 3, to try to overcome internal obstacles, to suppress selfishness. Skin diseases that will appear on this day may be the result of strong internal experiences.

The problems of the day that you face today will carry your reflection. May 3, you can understand how far you are from the implementation of the plan. If on this day you will be active, energetic, energetic, but you will not be able to express yourself, then you need to look for a balance.

Try to work on yourself and your life, try to be active and energetic in some situations, patience and restraint in others. If today you have a feeling or desire for change, then the subconscious mind has got rid of all the blocks and contradictions and you are ready to change your life. It remains only to proceed to action. We wish you a great mood, success in everything and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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