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Lunar day today May 17

Lunar day today May 17th year

Thanks to the lunar energy, we are charged with positive and happiness. To learn how to do it correctly and attract luck, you can learn from the recommendations of the daily lunar calendar.

The current lunar day can bring a lot of trouble. The strength of the growing moon can exacerbate the feeling of anger, ambition, because of which conflicts arise, quarrels between parents, children, spouses and partners. The manifestation of negativity and aggression can not only spoil your mood, but also ruin your life, and it will be almost impossible to correct the consequences.

It is worth paying attention to the advice and suggestions of astrologers, as they today can help overcome the problems caused by the turbulent energy of the moon.

Phase of the Moon: Today, the growing moon is in the constellation Gemini. The third lunar day will come. In the lunar calendar, this time is rather ambiguous, events may begin to evolve according to an unexpected scenario.

It is recommended to show maximum restraint and caution.

Magnetic storms: a strong magnetic storm is expected, which may reach the second level. Danger threatens everyone, even those people who are not classified as meteorological.

What will bring good luck:

  • activity;
  • attentiveness;
  • use of new features;
  • financial transactions, purchases and transactions;
  • short-term business;
  • sociability and flexibility.

What will scare away luck:

  • pronounced aggression;
  • provocative behavior;
  • rash decisions.

Household May 17

Today you can start building a house, it’s also good to start repair work, to buy furniture and building materials. As for domestic affairs, then on the third lunar day, experts advise doing things that previously lacked strength. The day is favorable for doing household chores related to increased physical or mental activity.

Finance and Career on Thursday

May 17, it is desirable to implement all the most risky projects and deferred until better times affairs, events and plans. The third lunar day is a time of risk, adventure, pressure and aggression. The atmosphere of the day will somehow push towards the realization of the potential and the fulfillment of bold desires. However, the lunar calendar does not recommend you make fateful decisions under the influence of fear or someone else’s pressure.

If bosses, business partners or colleagues rush you with a decision, do not rush, think it over as it should. You are more likely to win, if you give up the imposed risk. Today’s work requires determination and perseverance.

Otherwise, you run the risk of getting into trouble, complicating your life, losing support and protection.

Today’s lunar day is literally oversaturated with lunar energy, and in business it will help to show leadership skills. The problem is that other people will have the same fighting spirit. No one will just back down and make concessions.

Disputes may arise that will not be resolved without the intervention of third parties, which is why it is advisable to postpone the resolution of financial issues, or to have the lion’s share of patience and perseverance.

Wardrobe in the 3 lunar day

The growing Moon is a symbol of the beginnings of beginnings: in nature and each of us begins an update. That is why today you should give your preference to bright summer flowers, which will allow you to harmonize your mind and tune in a positive way. Those who are to solve important working issues today, it is desirable to give preference to the conservative or classical style — this will help to gain self-confidence.

Free from working obligations, people can play with different styles, diversify colors, add brightness and show originality in choosing clothes.

Love and relationship today

On the seventeenth of May, one should show tender feelings, good intentions and not cling to words. On this day, it is better to leave stinging criticism and value judgments “overboard,” since the influence of the growing Moon, located in the Gemini Sign, will continually pull into clarifying the relationship. Try not to get annoyed with your family and your partner, even if they deserve it. Spend this day in harmony with the people around you, do not provoke conflicts and do not say harsh words to anyone.

Your claims will only aggravate the situation, heating up the atmosphere in the family. Remember that relatives can now hear complaints, abuse and discontent from anyone, and from you they want tenderness, love and care.

Mood and health according to the lunar calendar

Today’s lunar day is a time of internal struggle, aggression and pressure. Relaxation will help to avoid negative emotions, improve mood. Positive attitudes will give a stimulating effect that will help avoid fear, anxiety, irritation, and even increase self-confidence. This day is not in vain associated with pressure, anger and active struggle, because the energy of the growing Moon is at its peak.

Passive and pessimistic people during this period become very vulnerable to negativity and envy. The lunar energy strongly puts pressure on people of such a plan, which causes them to become more suspicious, more suspicious and more cunning. The lunar calendar advises them to direct all their internal energy to self-defense.

Injuries and illnesses today will require immediate action. If on May 17 you feel a painful condition, do not delay the visit to a specialist and self-medicate, otherwise you risk aggravating your condition.

Today will help you find your weaknesses and vices. Listen to the criticism of those around you, even if it turns out to be painful for you — the prompts of the Universe that will help you change for the better and later change your life will be hidden in it. The lunar calendar wishes you a great mood, success today, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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