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Lunar day today May 15

Lunar day today May 15th year

Today will be the New Moon — an important event in the astrological world, with which a new stage in the life of everyone will begin. The recommendations of the lunar calendar will help to spend this period most productively.

Today’s New Moon will occur in the constellation of Taurus, so most changes will occur in the financial sphere of each person. From the point of view of astrologers, the May New Moon brings with it the fateful changes associated with money, which is why it is important to take into account the tips of specialists, thanks to which you will be able to attract financial success. Today you should notice all the events and accidents that happen to you — these are warnings of the Universe that will help you find the right path to success.

Phase of the Moon: New Moon, passing under the auspices of Taurus — the day of debriefing. This will be a 30 lunar day, which is desirable to spend away from all unnecessary, dead, negative. The power of the moon will increase intuition.

Events, especially random, on this day are considered prophetic and make it possible to change their fate.

Magnetic storms: Today, the probability of a magnetic storm is reduced to zero, because the Earth’s magnetosphere will be calm.

What will bring good luck:

  • financial operations;
  • major acquisitions, scheduled purchases;
  • life analysis;
  • work on the shortcomings;
  • communication with loved ones;
  • achievements of goals.

What will scare away luck:

  • negative focus;
  • detachment, passivity, lethargy;
  • laziness;
  • downed landmarks, lack of goals, false values.

Lunar household chores

On the day of the New Moon, you can do only those things that give you pleasure, allow you to disengage from problems and not to break about life and routine. It is undesirable to take up household chores that require a lot of physical or psychological stress. It is useful to carry out general cleaning at home, dismantle old things, clean your “abode” from old, negative and destructive energies.

This is necessary so that with the first lunar day a new life, a positive and free energy will enter your home.

Finance and career on Tuesday

The coming days are favorable for resolving financial issues, especially for the distribution of debts. This is a good day for charity events, planned purchases, the completion of important tasks. Everything that you will do today will succeed in the best possible way, with the exception of new cases: the beginning of a large-scale and grandiose enterprise is desirable to be postponed for several days in advance.

During the renewal period, the Moon provides an opportunity to see the results of its work, which is why it is recommended to analyze your life, evaluate your actions and behavior. What you have been working on during the lunar month will soon bring results — it remains to open the door for change.

Wardrobe May 15

Yellow and orange shades today will lift your spirits and set you up for positive thinking. More is not needed. And it is not at all necessary that your wardrobe include such colors.

A bright wallet is quite suitable for the role of your talisman, which will protect against all the negative surprises that the Moon can give.

Love and relationship today

Tuesday is perfect for romance and dates. The 30th lunar day is very short and happens far from every month. But today he is, so do not miss this chance and spend it with your loved one.

Also, today’s lunar day is ideal for breaking off toxic relationships, dissolving an unsuccessful marriage, and those bonds that irritate and oppress you.

Despite the fact that usually in the days of the New Moon, under the influence of increased activity of the Moon, love for all mankind flourishes, May 15 is not suitable for entering into marriage and searching for the second half. It is best to give your warmth and love to loved ones or those who need it most. Instead of new acquaintances, it is more useful to remember and analyze past relationships, to realize one’s flaws and genuine feelings towards this or that person, to understand his attitude towards you.

Mood and health according to the lunar calendar

In the first half of the day in life can create complete confusion. For a good mood, you need to give up everything unnecessary, analyze your path and try to work on your shortcomings. On this day, it is important to bring joy to people, distribute debts, complete the work begun.

The second half of the day will be more favorable. Try to dot the i’s, determine your past relationships, deeds, plans, desires. After lunch, the intuition will increase, which will help to correctly choose the right path, but for this you need to stop looking at the world through the prism of your prejudices.

With regard to physical health, the New Moon — is primarily a day of rest and a minimum of physical activity. In case of deterioration of well-being, it is necessary to consult a specialist as soon as possible, since diseases can be protracted and dangerous.

This day will bring many people difficulties, but at the same time new opportunities. Today will begin a new stage in work affairs, and in love. You do not need to become self-contained, it is enough to analyze your life, weigh your decisions, but not to plunge into self-incrimination and self-criticism.

Negative May 15th will be dangerous. We wish you a great mood, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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