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Lunar day today May 14

Lunar day today May 14th year

What is moon day today? What will he bring to us and what recommendations of astrologers to follow in order to avoid failures? Find out in the daily lunar calendar for May of the year.

Characteristics of the lunar day May 14

Today is the 26th lunar day, the waning moon in Pisces. The day is suitable for leisurely activities, creativity, recreation, travel and legal issues. Be careful when making decisions, because today there is a risk to succumb to illusions.

26 lunar day — a difficult time in the lunar calendar. Spend the day for the benefit of your inner state of mind. Do not take a lot of work and responsibility. Take an introspection, summarize, take into account the lessons of the past.

Today it is very important to exclude unnecessary actions and actions from your plan, otherwise you can lose a lot of energy and strength.

Waning moon is in the last phase. This period of time is suitable for the completion of current affairs. Conflicts, quarrels and quarrels between people are possible due to increased impulsiveness at this time.

The day of the week is Thursday, the ruler of the day is Jupiter. Today, intuition works well. All things can succeed if you believe in yourself.

Auspicious day for business negotiations and romantic dates.

What matters will be successful

What is not recommended

  • Make quick decisions.
  • Sort things out.
  • To exercise.

Today’s lunar day, May 14th, astrologers advise to spend in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. It’s time to understand yourself and your own thoughts, draw conclusions and outline plans for the future. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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