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Lunar day today — March 31

Lunar day today — March 31

What is moon day today? How will the moon affect spheres of life, and what do astrologers recommend? Find out in the daily lunar calendar for March.

Characteristics of the lunar day March 31

Today is the 12th lunar day, the growing moon in Leo. The day is favorable for any active and energetic undertakings and affairs. A good day to organize events and coordinate any processes.

Mood today will have to rest and entertainment. So it’s worth thinking about how to have a fun evening after a busy day. The desire to have fun, go somewhere can lead to massive financial waste.

If you are not sure of your solvency today, then you should not make spontaneous purchases and take a lot of money with you for a walk.

The lunar calendar for March recommends at this time to postpone all financial matters and monetary transactions — this will avoid losses.

Today is 12 lunar day. Conflicts in business and family are likely. Try to avoid clarifying the relationship and restrain your negative emotions. Good day to help people and charity.

The money given free of charge, or any disinterested help today will return to you with interest.

Today is Tuesday, the ruler of the day is Mars. Time of decisive action and deeds. If you are confident in yourself — act on the basis of your plans and principles.

Good luck is waiting mainly in the business field.

What matters today will be successful

  • Organization of events.
  • Leisure, entertainment.
  • Communication, dating.
  • Beginning and fruitful activity.
  • Help and charity.

What is not recommended today

  • Make deals and negotiate.
  • Make massive and large purchases.
  • Solve financial affairs, take loans and lend.
  • Sort things out.

Today’s lunar day, March 31, will bring a lot of positive emotions. Spend it with a positive and in a good mood! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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