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Lunar day today — March 19

Lunar day today — March 19

What is moon day today on the lunar calendar for March of the year? In what matters is success waiting for, and what is better to give up? Find out in the daily lunar calendar!

Characteristics of the lunar day March 19

Today is the 29th lunar day, the waning moon in Pisces. Adverse time for mental activity. Today it will be very difficult to concentrate on something, therefore, whenever possible, the most important matters are better postponed until later.

A good time for outdoor activities, travel and travel. Also, success today can be achieved in legal matters and money.

29 lunar day in the lunar calendar considered one of the worst. This is mainly due to a general decrease in vitality. During the day, weakness and fatigue will often be felt.

Today, exacerbation of chronic diseases is likely.

The waning moon today will negatively affect your emotional state. It is not necessary in this lunar day to sort things out and enter into disputes. Try to be tactful and benevolent in dealing with people.

Today is Thursday, the ruler of this day is Jupiter. Today, intuitive thinking will work well. Good luck on this day is waiting for you in all matters, but only if you are confident.

What cases will be successful today

  • Creative activity.
  • Trips and travel.
  • Cash investments.
  • Cases related to jurisprudence.

What is not recommended today

  • Make spontaneous decisions.
  • Take care of your emotions.
  • Doing mental work, especially one that requires attention and consistency.
  • Also, astrologers today recommend to be attentive to their health.

Today’s lunar day, March 18, is best spent in a calm and quiet environment with loved ones. You should not plan important and responsible events for today. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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