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Lunar day today March 18

Lunar day today is March 18th

The lunar phases send a multitude of energy flows, some of which can stimulate vigorous activity, while others, on the contrary, hinder it. With the help of the lunar day calendar you will be aware of the position of the satellite of the Earth and will be able to successfully complete the planned tasks.

The energy of the waning moon in March fills the space with vibes of love and renewal. During this period, white love plots are especially effective, which will help to discover the true feelings, as well as to find a soul mate. Astrologers predict and improved brain activity, which is favorable for the performance of important and responsible matters.

Phase of the Moon: today the moon continues to decline and is in the constellation Sagittarius. This period is suitable for solving bureaucratic issues.

Magnetic storms: March 18, astrologers predict perturbations of the Earth’s magnetosphere. This day is worth spending in a measured mode, without jerks and over-voltage. Those who are sensitive to the attacks of the Sun, today is less likely to appear in the open air, and also to take timely measures of protection against external aggression.

Holidays today: Orthodox Christians celebrate the Parent Saturday of the third week of the Holy Quarter. On this day, prayers are read for the repose of all the dead, so on Saturday it is worth refusing to visit places of entertainment and spend time with loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere.

What will bring luck today:

  • measured work;
  • relaxation;
  • solving bureaucratic issues, including legal advice;
  • spiritual practices and prayers;
  • education and training;
  • finding solutions to previously postponed tasks and problems;
  • housework.

What will be harmful:

  • self-digging and excessive mistrustfulness;
  • construction and agricultural work;
  • negative and bitterness;
  • disregard for the advice of more experienced people;
  • alcohol use and entertainment.

Finance and career

Perseverance and hard work, characteristic qualities of the zodiacal Sagittarius, on this day contribute to the development of new talents and skills. Self-education is also progressing well. On Saturday there is an opportunity to solve bureaucratic issues without delay.

To do this, it is worth attracting luck to your side so that the established relations with state bodies will further contribute to your success. To move up the career ladder today, you need to listen to the advice of your mentor or a more experienced colleague. Also, on March 18, in connection with favorable energy, you can turn your passion into a full-fledged business that brings income.

For the realization of this dream you will need not only luck, but also willpower.

Lunar household chores

Saturday is a good time to do household chores. On this day, cleaning and cooking are easy and do not take a lot of energy. In this regard, you can combine business with pleasure and get rid of unnecessary things that litter the favorable energy of your home.

Also today, things are going well connected with the increase of the level of knowledge. If you were going to learn a foreign language, learn to work on a computer, embroider, then you should not postpone it. Pay attention to the need and spiritual growth.

Prayers on this day will strengthen your strength of mind, relieve from doubt and allow your subconscious to reach a new level.

Wardrobe March 18

If your religion is Orthodoxy, then today, on the day of Parental Saturday, modest light clothes from natural fabric are welcome. It is a symbol of cleansing and openness before God. The influence of Saturn, the patron saint of the Sabbath, is also affected. To reduce the impact of its aggressive energy, it is better to give preference to light things.

Such a choice of colors is not accidental — light is opposed to dark, therefore it is able to protect the wearer from negative influence. Business people should use bright accessories to attract good luck in serious business matters.

Love and relationship on the 20th lunar day

The waning moon gradually reduces activity, but awakens romantic impulses. This day is favorable for new acquaintances, relationships and frank confessions. Also today, a good choice would be to spend some time in solitude. This will help you collect your thoughts and build a strategy of behavior to conquer the person you like.

Excessive activity is worth to reduce in order not to frighten off the emerging feelings. In the descending phase of the Moon, the likelihood of quarrels and conflicts increases, and your attention to your partner solves a lot. Try to be as correct and friendly as possible in order to preserve harmony and mutual understanding.

Health and Emotion on Saturday

The emotional decline is manifested due to the diminishing phase of the moon, but Saturn, the patron saint of the Sabbath, gives people energy, suitable for learning the new. This imbalance may well affect the mood is not for the better. Nervous tension must be removed, not through aggression, but through the practice of meditation or prayer. Such exercises help to open up the inner world and escape from the abyss of pessimistic thoughts.

With health today, it is also worth being careful: perturbations of the magnetosphere are often the cause of headaches, irritability, and a decline in activity. Protect and protect themselves from the negative impact will help the popular methods of dealing with these symptoms.

According to the lunar calendar, today the most valuable qualities are attentiveness and diligence. Your success is completely dependent on the ability to concentrate and make a breakthrough forward at the appointed time. Use Saturday as a launching pad to make your desires come true.

March, the first month of spring, requires a change, so do not stay up and many prospects will open up before you. We wish you good luck and success, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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