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Lunar day today — January 30

Lunar day today — January 30th

Today is the 11th lunar day, the growing moon in Gemini. What will this day bring us, what matters today will be successful, and what plans should we give up? Find out the answers to these questions in the daily lunar calendar.

What is moon day today

11 lunar day, growing moon in Gemini — This is a day of energetic and rapid affairs. Any business that does not require special concentration and attention, as well as spontaneous decisions will be useful. Intellectual activity today is increased, which means the brain is faster and more productive. Do not be surprised if some unusual idea visits you today or you are suddenly inspired by something interesting.

It is better to write down all your thoughts and ideas, since on this day many of them will be very useful.

This is not the time for monotonous and painstaking activities, as there will always be a desire to switch to something else. Astrologers note that today’s 11th lunar day is one of the most positive and powerful in energy. Today, it is good to make wishes and plan your activities for the future — all dreams and plans will receive a huge energy impulse for implementation.

The day is emotional, so be careful of your expressions, words and promises. Try not to do anything while being agitated. Excessive energy and impulsiveness, which gives the growing moon, will make this day traumatic.

It is necessary to exercise caution on the roads, in contact with household appliances and in production.

Today is Friday, so, the planet-ruler of the day — Venus. The day was created for relaxation, entertainment, romance, dating, dating, summarizing.

What will bring luck today

  • Making instant decisions.
  • Mental activity.
  • Learning, learning.
  • Travel, travel and travel.
  • Financial transactions, purchase and sale.
  • Making plans and making wishes.
  • Exercise will be helpful in the afternoon.
  • Recreation and entertainment.

What not to do today

  • Cases requiring concentration and attention. Monotonous and routine work.
  • Clarification of attitudes and criticism.

Today is a great day! The rising moon in Gemini charges with positive energy and gives strength on today’s lunar day. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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