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Lunar day today — January 29

Lunar day today — January 29

Today is 10 lunar day, growing moon in Gemini. What will this day bring us, what matters will be successful, and what should not be planned for today?

What is moon day today

10 lunar day, growing moon in Gemini. Today is a great day for energetic and vigorous activity. The time is favorable for collecting and obtaining information, studies, financial affairs and risky enterprises.

However, it is not worth today to devote a lot of time to any one painstaking occupation, since circumstances will require constant switching to other matters. But today it is possible to keep up with two hares.

Today’s lunar day is also suitable for creative activities, love, romance and spiritual practices.

Today is Thursday, and this means that Jupiter has an influence. It will sharpen the intuitive thinking, and also help to gain respect and authority. In general, Jupiter contributes to strengthening in society, in a career and helps in work affairs and business.

What will bring luck today

  • Diverse and diverse activities.
  • Creative activity.
  • Training, work with information.
  • Financial transactions, transactions and agreements.
  • Meetings, both business and romantic.
  • New beginnings.
  • Physical exertion, classroom.
  • Intuitive decisions.

What not to do today

  • Monotonous work.
  • Get involved in conflicts and disputes.

Also, the lunar calendar for January recommends caution on the roads and at work, as the day is quite traumatic due to the large amount of internal energy.

Today’s lunar day, January 29th, will provide strength for action and actions aimed at implementing the most ambitious plans. The day is successful in all respects. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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