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Lunar day today — January 28

Lunar day today — January 28

Today is the 9th lunar day, the moon in the first quarter, in the Taurus Sign. What will be the date of this day, what matters will bring good luck, and what ideas should be abandoned?

What is moon day today

9 lunar day, the Moon in Taurus — A favorable time to resolve any financial issues. The day is great for making deals, purchases, transactions with property and active work at work. Financial investments today will necessarily lead to a profit.

Do not forget today about the rest, otherwise business activity can simply knock down. The moon is in Taurus, which means you can afford to be lazy at the end of the day or take up a favorite hobby.

9 lunar day carries a slightly negative energy. Illusions and self-deception can spoil everything. There are also likely confrontations and conflicts in the team. The negative influence of lunar days smoothes the phase of the moon — the first quarter.

Today you can safely start any business, the moon will give a powerful impetus.

Today is Wednesday, and this means that Mercury is having its influence. Wednesday is good for doing mental work. If you have been postponing something for a long time, then it is the right time to complete these cases.

According to the lunar calendar for January, today you can redo a lot of things without spending too much energy.

What will bring luck today

  • Financial transactions, purchases, transactions, property issues.
  • Leisure, entertainment.
  • Beginnings
  • Trade.
  • Speech in public.
  • Meetings, dates.
  • Conclusion of contracts.
  • Doing a lot of work, especially computer-related or paper-related, will be easy and casual.

What not to do today

  • Go to the surgery, visit the dentist. Get involved in conflicts and disputes.
  • Fall into illusions. Only a realistic view of the world today will help make the right decision.

Today’s lunar day, January 28, is suitable for working and monetary matters. Use this day to implement the most daring ideas! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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