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Lunar day today — January 26

Lunar day today — January 26

Today is the 7th lunar day, the growing moon in Aries. How this day will turn out, what business will be successful, and which plans it is better to refuse will be suggested by the characteristic of the lunar day.

What is moon day today

7 lunar day, growing moon in Aries — a day filled with emotions and passions. Energy increases with the growing moon, and the sign of Aries will affect the sharpness of feelings. Today it is better not to do things that require accuracy and analysis.

Despite the influence of the impulsive Aries, the day is still good for business activity, work and business. The 7th lunar day will give an opportunity to realize the planned plans, however, it will require responsibility and a high level of self-organization.

If you have planned any important business today, do not be lazy to ask for the help of a loved one, then everything will be completed more than successfully.

Today’s lunar day is influenced by the Moon, the patron saint of the day of the week is Monday. This to some extent complicates the events of the day due to the unstable emotional background. Day promises the likelihood of surprises, stress and tension in communicating with people.

What will bring luck today

  • Responsible performance of duties and affairs.
  • Help others.
  • Creative activity.
  • Planning for the future.
  • Intuitive decisions.

What is not recommended to do today

  • Take up business that requires accuracy and forethought.
  • Do not take into account the little things.
  • Negotiate and go to meetings.
  • Get involved in conflicts and disputes.
  • Talk on serious topics.

In general, today, January 26, the lunar day will be very tense and emotional. However, a greater number of emotions and feelings will be simply assumed. The day will pass and everything will seem not so problematic and hopeless.

Astrologers recommend to spend today’s lunar day in a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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