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Lunar day today — January 25

Lunar day today — January 25th

Today 6 lunar day, growing moon in Aries. What will be today, in which spheres of life will success await us, and what matters should be postponed until later?

What is moon day today

6 lunar day, growing moon in Aries characterized by increased impulsivity and sensitivity. Rash actions are possible as a result of haste and impatience. Not the right time for cases that require accuracy and reasonableness.

The lunar calendar for January recommends paying attention to every little thing.

Despite this characteristic of the lunar day, 6 lunar days are considered one of the most favorable. Today the intuition is sharpened, the day is good for dating, networking and romantic adventures. Waxing Crescent will still give energy to the implementation of plans and ideas.

The patron saint of today is the Sun (ruler of the day of the week of Sunday). The day is filled with joy, cheerfulness and kindness. It is recommended to devote more time to rest, communication with close people and easy work.

What will bring good luck on this day

  • Intuitive decisions.
  • Establishing contacts, dating, dating, communication.
  • The beginning of new cases that do not require accuracy and forethought.
  • Rest, help to close people.

What not to do today

  • Make hasty and rash decisions.
  • To conduct business meetings, negotiations, enter into agreements and agreements.
  • To do hard physical work.
  • You should also beware of sharp objects and fire.

Today’s lunar day, January 25th, carries the energy of calm and unhurriedness, so it is worthwhile to succumb to this trend and not try to rush forward and fuss. Today, try to spend more time in a circle of close people in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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