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Lunar day today — January 24

Lunar day today — January 24th

Today 5 lunar day, growing moon in Pisces. What to expect from this day, for what matters should be taken, and what will not be crowned with success?

What is moon day today

5 lunar day, growing moon in Fish Sign — The day when you can get under the influence of others, as well as make a mistake because of indecision and change your own principles.

Growing Moon in Pisces gives today a lot of creative energy and creativity, so it is better to do that where a non-standard approach and originality is needed.

Today’s lunar day falls on a Saturday, whose patron planet is Saturn. This planet has a strong, then heavy energy. Starting something big today is not worth it, otherwise there is a chance not to finish the job.

This Saturday is good for business meetings, as well as making plans for the future.

What will bring luck today

  • Creative activity.
  • Solving legal issues.
  • Haircut, according to the lunar calendar, on this day can attract money.
  • Building plans for the future and making plans.
  • Holding meetings and negotiations.
  • Leisure activities, travel and travel.

What is not recommended today

  • To do work that requires great concentration and attention.
  • Retreat from their principles and given promises.
  • Trust strangers and take the advice of others.
  • Start something new.

In general, today’s lunar day January 24, the year carries a mixed energy. In the morning, it is better to do the most necessary and urgent things, and to devote the evening to what you like or to build plans for the future. Much of what will be planned today is implemented in the shortest possible time. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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