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Lunar day today — January 20

Lunar day today — January 20

Today is January 20 1 lunar day, new moon in Capricorn. Find out the characteristics of today’s lunar day: what will bring good luck on this day, and what matters will turn out to be a failure?

What is moon day today

1 lunar day, new moon in Capricorn — a favorable day for long-term planning, analysis of past events and achievements, setting new goals.

New moon will give strength for new beginnings and ideas. Everything started today is sure to end with success. Also, the new moon on January 20 of the year is favorable for getting rid of everything unnecessary and old.

Despite the fact that the new moon gives some passivity, Mars, the patron saint of the day of the week Tuesday, will have a positive impact on our energy potential. Good luck today is waiting for strong, courageous, energetic and strong-willed people. Mars will give the necessary energy both for beginnings and for the completion of new affairs.

This is a time of action and decisive steps.

What will bring luck today

  • The solution of issues with real estate.
  • Organizational issues.
  • Trips and walks.
  • The fight against bad habits.
  • Start a diet.
  • Starvation.
  • Any undertakings that were planned in advance.
  • Solitude, time spent with yourself.

What is not recommended to do today

  • Communicate with authorities.
  • To risk.
  • Make expensive purchases.

In general, today’s 1 st lunar day will be carried positive energy. This time can be spent both for fruitful work and in a relaxed atmosphere. Find a few minutes to think about your life and actions.

On the new moon, our ability to think is renewed — our thoughts become deeper, simpler and clear from all unnecessary things. This will help make an important decision or be inspired by new achievements. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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