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Lunar day today — January 18

Lunar day today — January 18

Today 18.01. the 28th lunar day comes, the moon wanes in Sagittarius. What will this day bring us, what matters will go well, and what ideas should we give up?

What is moon day today

28 lunar day of the waning moon in Sagittarius — a good day for any practical work. Favorable will be any purchases, home improvement, repairs, everyday affairs.

Despite the fact that the moon today is in a diminishing phase and there will be a lack of energy, the energy of the sun, the patron saint of the week of the week, will give strength. The day will be permeated with cheerfulness, kindness and inspiration.

What is useful to do today

  • Solve legal issues.
  • Rest, entertain, communicate with loved ones, make new acquaintances.
  • Make purchases, both small and large.
  • Solve daily affairs.
  • To make repairs, to engage in home improvement.
  • Listen to the opinions of more experienced or older people.
  • Travel and go on business trips.

What is not recommended to do

  • Start long-term business and projects.
  • Engage in disputes and conflicts.
  • Perform any operations related to construction and land.
  • Ignore the signals of your body — with any changes in well-being, it is better to take action or consult a doctor.

In general, today’s 28 lunar day will be held on a good wave, without much upheaval. Take advantage of this day to do your favorite things or hobbies. It will energize you for the whole week. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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