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Lunar day today is September 7th

Lunar day today is September 7th

What is moon day today? How to correctly use the time and attract luck and personal happiness? Find out from the daily lunar calendar for September.

24 lunar day will be very neutral and from some side even passive. Waning Moon protects the Sign of the Zodiac Leo.

Career and Finance

It is best to engage in streamlined activities and not to invent anything new. You should not resort to unusual ways when solving problems at work; Use methods that you are 100% sure of. Things are going well in legal matters.

The trial, started on Monday, will end in the most favorable way and will not be a hassle.

On the 24th lunar day, you need to take a closer look at your savings and think carefully about every waste. A conniving attitude to money will affect the financial situation in the worst possible way, and you will not be able to achieve stability for a long time.

Personal life and relationships

The energy of the moon most influences Monday, since the satellite is the patron saint of this day of the week. Try to resolve any issues in interpersonal relationships without brute force and suppress aggression in yourself. Remember hypersensitivity: you can easily offend a dear person with a carelessly thrown word.

On this day, it is difficult to distinguish an ally from an enemy. It is worth being careful with new acquaintances and people you know recently.

Health and emotional state

During this period, it is best to do meditation or spiritual training. With this you can normalize the internal state and not allow emotions boiling inside to spoil the day. Injuries at work should also be avoided.

Do not risk in vain, and you will manage to keep health.

What matters will be favorable

  • Jurisprudence
  • Occupation debugged work
  • Meditation, yoga

What is not recommended

Today’s lunar day, September 7th, will turn out to be quite ambivalent: despite the strong energy flows, there will be lethargy and no desire to work. Astrologers advise to take a closer look at each question, whatever sphere it may concern. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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