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Lunar day today is September 6

Lunar day today is September 6th

The lunar calendar for September 6 will help make this Thursday more favorable. The advice of astrologers will come in handy if you want to succeed in love, business, and finance.

There are many conspiracies on the growing moon, which we tell about when the month begins to arrive. Given that today the phase of the moon is suitable, you can use its help.

Phase of the Moon: the growth of the lunar disk on this 6th lunar day will be held under the auspices of Scorpio. This will make today one of the most powerful in terms of energy for the entire month.

Magnetic Storms September 6: On September 6, the Earth’s magnetosphere will be excited. The probability of a magnetic storm will be from 5 to 10%.

What will bring good luck on September 6

  • making responsible decisions;
  • scientific activity, intellectual work;
  • romance, dating;
  • intuition;
  • new affairs;
  • solving old problems;
  • planning.

What will scare away good luck on September 6

  • physical exercise;
  • privacy;
  • solving low priority tasks.

Home affairs on the 6th lunar day

Restrictions on household chores today will be connected not with what you do, but with how you do it. To be more precise, it is better to solve everyday problems with someone. Do not be afraid to spend the evening at work at home, but do not shoulder the exorbitant burden.

What to wear on the 6th lunar day

Today is an intellectual day, so give preference to blue and black. They will be able to contribute to the development of intuition, which will have tremendous power today, especially at the moments of making important decisions. The talisman for September 6 is Amethyst.

This stone gives owners incredible energy and helps to save strength.

Finance, business, career according to the lunar calendar

Use cash plots to help you attract financial luck. Scorpio and the Moon itself are the best union in September for any active activity aimed at making a profit. Hardworking people will be able to achieve success if today they do not spend in vain the most active hours of the lunar day — from noon to evening.

Concentrate on solving only the most important tasks.

Lunar love and relationship

This extremely auspicious day will be good for any romantic dates that will end for you with a positive outcome. Like a man today will be much easier than usual. For this you only need to show your true face.

Lunar Health and Emotions

Avoid physical training and overwork, because not only the Moon is against, but also the state of the magnetic field is not normal yet. As for intellectual tasks, then you can give yourself the will. For the rest, nothing will threaten your health.

The mood will only improve when you deal with a couple of problems.

This day will also be good for spiritual enlightenment. Read our article about 7 fatal delusions of mankind to look at the world in a different way. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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