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Lunar day today is September 13

Lunar day today is September 13th

The impact of the moon is changeable, because it often changes its position relative to the constellations. Today is marked in the lunar calendar as very restless and dangerous.

Moonlight harmony will be broken by the transition of the Moon to the Sign of Scorpio. The best thing you can do today is get new experiences. Moreover, it is necessary to look for fresh emotions not in work, since the Moon is in the growth phase and makes significant adjustments to professional activity.

The priority is new acquaintances, films, books that you have long dreamed of reading, a new experience. All this September 13 will be very successful and will help to neutralize any negative.

Phase of the Moon: the presence of the Moon in the Sign of Scorpio is always a troubled time, since Scorpio and the Moon contradict each other in terms of energy. It is worth preparing for the fact that on the 5th lunar day you can be affected by very significant changes in life that will disrupt your plans.

Magnetic storms: The period of geomagnetic disturbances caused by flares on the sun continues. It is recommended to avoid overvoltage and increased activity, conflict and stress.

What will bring good luck:

  • solving difficult life problems;
  • brainwork;
  • new beginnings;
  • feasible physical exertion;
  • the fight against negativity;
  • fresh emotions and impressions.

What will scare away luck:

  • stress and overload;
  • neglect of their own principles;
  • lack of purpose;
  • excitement, buying lottery tickets;
  • overconfidence and gullibility.

Lunar household chores

The moon is in the Sign of the cunning tempter and keeper of secrets, which is protected by the water element. So today is an unfavorable day for domestic troubles, but successful for finding new impressions, solving complex problems, thinking about the meaning of life and, of course, esoteric practices. In the days of influence of Scorpio, you can tell fortunes for the near future. All of these activities will be very exciting, but household obligations may become bored.

It is better not to bring yourself to a state of stress and to devote only a small part of your time to cooking, washing and cleaning — today there will be many good chances in other areas. Catch the moment and try to improve your life where it is possible.

Finance and Career on Thursday

Today we will be too aggressive, naive and self-confident. With such a fighting spirit it is impossible to settle financial issues. There is a risk only to aggravate the situation, especially if you neglect your own principles. The influence of Scorpio, which literally awakens scammers and lovers of easy money, is a huge obstacle to success.

There will be a lot of deception, flattery and controversial situations. If you do not manage your emotions, then miss the opportunity to become richer and more successful. Attracting good luck on September 13 can be done through self-assessment: you need to become emotionally independent from people and situations.

The specialists at the site dailyhoro.ru also recommend forming a neutral attitude towards everything related to money.

Wardrobe September 13

Smoothly moving to a new season from a sunny summer, stylists begin to buy warm clothes and practical clothes, which is recommended to everyone else. To complement the autumn wardrobe, in their opinion, decorative inserts, patch pockets and bright colors will help. To heighten the effect today, you can use the glossy shine and unusual decorations — all this in order to transform a boring wardrobe from basic things into a bold fashionable statement that everyone will dare on Thursday under the influence of an extraordinary and charming Scorpio.

Love and relationship today

Scorpio protects love, romance and physical intimacy. But business relationships may be tested for strength. Due to the lunar tendencies caused by the transition of the Moon, we can start to compete with each other, therefore astrologers recommend to save their energy and not give rise to conflicts, doubts and competition.

All this can deplete us mentally, provoke a painful emotional reaction, make us feel sad or depressed.

New acquaintances promise to go well, but they can quickly cause tender feelings, which is fraught with some problems. Establishing relationships, both friendly and love, on the growing moon in Scorpio is undesirable. There is a risk to face deception and disappointment.

Do not be naive, especially with outsiders, do not trust people, especially their words. Be careful and avoid manipulators.

Mood and health in the 5th lunar day

In the fall of all, from time to time, apathy and melancholy covers, but under the influence of Scorpio, these feelings can be taken by surprise: it may seem that we are alone in this cruel world and no one cares about us. Astrologers recommend not to attach special importance to this, because there will be no weighty reasons for concern. To cope with negative thoughts will help pets.

Interaction with animals today will be an excellent means of feeling lonely and having a bad mood.

In addition to the magnetosphere perturbed by flashes on the Sun, the Moon in Scorpio will also have a negative impact on our state of health. Scorpio is a toxic sign, so today there is a risk of poisoning and eating disorders. It is more reasonable to refuse doubtful, re-thawed or expired products.

It is also desirable to minimize the use of alcohol.

There are 10 secrets of happiness that will help you get rid of problems today and attract prosperity. In the days of the growing moon in Scorpio, it is advisable to discover something new for yourself, to try by all means to improve life. Be happy, good luck today, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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