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Lunar day today is September 12

Lunar day today is September 12th

What moon day is today? How to spend time with benefit and avoid failures? Find out from the daily lunar calendar for September.

At the present time, the Moon is in the Descending phase. In the lunar calendar — 29 lunar day. The moon enters the sign of Virgo.

Career and finance today

Today is well suited for cash issues. Good luck awaits everyone who works in the field of finance. Any transaction can bring a considerable income, if you approach the matter with all the responsibility.

Financial success will bring and any operations with banks and real estate.
Those who are engaged in trade, can conclude successful transactions in the commodity-purchasing activities.

Personal life and relationships September 12

In the fourth lunar phase, life activity is declining. For this reason, disagreements and misunderstandings are possible in personal relationships, because during this period people become extremely sensitive and touchy. That is why you should limit yourself in clarifying the relationship.

The best solution would be to spend the evening in a family circle, doing your favorite thing, or just watch a romantic comedy with your soulmate.

Health and emotional state

Today, be sure to pay attention to your health. There is a high probability of activation of chronic diseases. You should also be afraid of depression and drive away bad thoughts from yourself.

Physical activity is contraindicated: the probability of injury is very high.

What matters today will be favorable

  • Conclusion of transactions and contracts
  • Search for new business partners
  • Trade, purchase and sale
  • Calm rest in a circle of close people

What is not recommended

  • Exercise actively
  • Clarify personal relationships
  • Start a new business

Today’s lunar day, September 12, will be harmonious enough if you exercise discretion and do not make spontaneous decisions. Guided by the advice of astrologers, you can succeed in business and business negotiations. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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