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Lunar day today is October 5

Lunar day today is October 5

Learn how to attract wealth to the house, help the lunar calendar. With him, you will spend October 5 safely and not scare away Fortune.

Today will bring good luck to those who know exactly what they want and do everything to achieve their goals. The day will be favorable for resolving issues related to the conclusion of contracts and issuance of certificates in official instances. So that well-being does not leave you all day, you can choose one of several ways to start your morning properly.

Phase of the Moon: The moon today is in the growth phase and interacts with the constellation Sagittarius. The calendar day on October 5 includes two lunar days — 5 and 6. The energy of the constellation Sagittarius negatively affects people who are nervous, hot-tempered and emotionally unstable.

Magnetic storms today: The magnetic field is calm on this day, so magnetic storms are not expected.

What will benefit on October 5:

  • playing sports;
  • New acquaintances;
  • care when entering into any contracts;
  • care about your appearance.

What will be harmful on this day:

  • alcohol consumption;
  • upholding their position to the last;
  • disregard of the rules of the road;
  • inattention at important working moments.

Appearance and wardrobe

Today it will be useful to attract the attention of others to yourself. Therefore, choosing clothes, focus on the bright colors and spectacular combinations. Fire Signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) today are well suited black and red gamma and gold jewelry, which have a strong energy, and the rest of the signs of the zodiac can focus on the warm shades of orange and yellow.

Home and household chores October 5

On these lunar days it will be useful to clean the cabinets and mezzanines. Thus, you will contribute to the release of stagnant energy and, as a result, energetically start the mechanism of attracting money to your home.

The practice of feng shui also provides special care for indoor plants on the growing moon. The lunar calendar of indoor plants will help you to understand which plants will take active care, and which ones are best not to touch for now.

Money and career

The interaction of the constellation Sagittarius and the Moon in the growth phase makes October 5 a favorable day for business innovation. Look at the behavior of your colleagues today: perhaps one of them would not mind being your friend. Sagittarius — an active sign for new acquaintances and strong friendships.

The energy of the growing moon enhances these properties, so with a favorable outcome, you can establish a strong friendship with one of your colleagues.

Cash investments today are best done carefully. Chances of fraud and critical billing errors for you are high. It is better to postpone important purchases, investments and transfers of funds to another, more favorable, day.

Love and relationship on the 6th lunar day

Today is well suited for a new step in the relationship. A romantic date can end with a fateful decision. A good help in promoting romantic relationships to a new level will be the calculation of the compatibility of your Mark and the Sign of your partner.

health and beauty

October 5th is an auspicious day for skin and hair care. Medical and cosmetic blends and masks today will be more effective. A good day to choose vitamins taken in the autumn.

A visit to the bath and sauna is not recommended: 6 lunar days in October are dangerous for burns and diseases caused by the temperature difference. If the day is heavy, it is better to take a relaxing bath before bed.

The growing moon is well suited for planning changes in its appearance. The best way to do this is haircut and hair coloring. You can define favorable days for changing your image with the help of the lunar calendar haircuts. We wish you always warm autumn days, smile more often, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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