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Lunar day today is October 14

Lunar day today is October 14th

After a period of recession, the Growing Moon will help to fill their strength. Following the recommendations of the daily lunar calendar, you can achieve greater success not only in business but also in personal relationships.

The moon has entered the initial phase of its growth. This is a 3 lunar day, which closely interacts with the Constellation Scorpio.

Career and Finance

If you are full of energy and are determined to win, then this day is best for you. Feel free to take up the promotion of new large-scale projects and solving complex problems. With your assertiveness, organization and professional knowledge you will be able to attract the attention of your superiors and the respect of your colleagues.

Now the most important thing for you is to take into account all the details and organize a well-coordinated process, since such actions will lead you to long-awaited profits.

But with the investment of money in long-term projects for 3 lunar days will have to wait, otherwise it can lead to large financial losses. You will still have the opportunity to use your savings for a larger deal.

Personal life and relationships

This day is not very suitable for clarifying the relationship. The lunar calendar recommends to be more restrained in expressing its claims and negatives, since today there is a high probability of a scandal even because of small things. If you are unhappy with something, it’s time to sit at the round table and come to a common decision.

For those who are in search of their second half, this lunar day is suitable to visit noisy friendly companies and make a couple of new acquaintances. However, it is not necessary to put a person in a rigid framework on the first date and try to adjust it to you. Such behavior will not contribute to the further development of relations and will only ruin your mood.

Health and emotional state

Exercise will help to cope with your excess emotions. This will not only relieve tension and negativity, but also have a beneficial effect on appearance. Also today will be useful all sorts of procedures associated with relaxation.

But with the choice of products today should be more cautious, because the probability of acquiring expired goods is very significant.

What matters today will be favorable

  • start of new projects
  • going to a massage parlor or swimming pool
  • eating only fresh produce
  • be open to dating

What is not recommended

  • make promises you can’t keep
  • eat semi-finished products
  • prove your case in aggressive form
  • open new bank deposits

Today’s lunar day is full of heavy energy, so do not get too immersed in emotions. And following the advice of astrologers, you can succeed in finance and maintain harmony in the family. Listen to your heart, dream, develop and do not forget to press buttons and

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