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Lunar day today is October 13

Lunar day today is October 13th

Each of us wants to predict events and use them to our advantage. The daily lunar calendar will help to look into the future and tell you what to do in this situation.

On the date of October 13, the Moon entered a new phase «New Moon». This 2 lunar day closely interacts with the Zodiac sign Libra, which carries in itself, on the one hand, duality, and on the other hand, calculus.

Career and finance today

Astrologers recommend not starting a new business with unverified partners. Today it is better to complete all protracted affairs and projects. Any transactions with reliable people that are long-term in nature will be beneficial.

However, one should not be too emotional and take responsibility for the performance of several tasks at once. You simply can not calculate their strength, thereby disappointing the authorities. It is better to do closely one project and bring it to the end.

Then you can count not only on a substantial increase in salary, but also on a new position.

Personal life and relationships

In the New Moon period, all actions that will lead to the further development of relations will be favorable. For new acquaintances and spending time with friends, this day will also be suitable. You can organize an unplanned party for friends or relatives, which will bring variety and positive to your life.

However, you should watch out for your negative emotions. If you give free rein to your feelings, it will not in the best way affect your personal life and lead to disappointment from your inner circle.

Health and emotional state

Emotions on this lunar day will simply go off-scale, so you will not be easy. But do not be too strict about yourself. The main thing is not to release a negative on people, with such a mood is better to understand alone with himself.

But with positive emotions and good mood you should share more, then the response joy and gratitude will fill your life with happy moments.

In terms of health, today’s lunar day will be successful for starting a new set of exercises or increasing physical activity, and cleansing the body will be more effective.

What matters today will be favorable

  • launch of new projects with proven partners
  • active pastime
  • new acquaintances and the development of existing relationships
  • diets and fasting days
  • investment in long-term projects

What is not recommended

  • throw out the accumulated negative on colleagues or relatives
  • spend this day alone
  • do several things at once
  • spend money on rash purchases

The new moon on October 13 promises to be quite emotionally saturated. In such a situation, psychics recommend watching your mood and restrain a possible negative. By adopting this advice into service, you will be able to maintain both friendly relations with colleagues and warm feelings in the family.

The lunar calendar wishes you good luck in business, joy and love. And do not forget to press the buttons and

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