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Lunar day today is October 12

Lunar day today is October 12th

Learn about the impact the moon has on our lives and what to do to succeed, learn from the daily lunar calendar for a year.

The waning moon in the last quarter phase is under the auspices of harmonious Libra. The twenty-nine ninth lunar day is conducive to completing the work begun and taking stock of its activities. The energy recession on the last day of the lunar month does not dispose to vigorous activity; therefore, it is better to postpone making responsible decisions until another time.

Career and Finance

The day is favorable in order to bring to the logical conclusion all unfinished projects. Analysis of the work done will help to understand what you should pay attention to in the future, how to avoid mistakes and improve their professional skills.

Business meetings and agreements are better postponed to another day. Weak attention and unstable emotions are not conducive to agreeing on mutually beneficial cooperation. And even in the event that it turns out, unforeseen circumstances may arise and all your efforts will be in vain.

With financial issues it is better to wait. Energy depletion, due to the phase of the moon, weakens the ability to concentrate, focus and objective perception of reality. Therefore, when signing the contract, you can skip an important point and incur substantial material losses.

Personal life and relationships

On the last day of the lunar calendar, the likelihood of quarrels on minor occasions increases, which, if nothing is done, will grow into a large-scale conflict and lead to a loss of understanding or even separation. Therefore, in conversations do not affect those that could cause controversy, and set aside the clarification of relationships for another time.

According to astrologers’ forecasts, the best option for spending time together on this day is an evening in a relaxed home environment. Look through the photo album, indulge in joyful memories, talk about those topics that are interesting to both of you and do not imply a negative — then quarrels will bypass you, and mutual understanding will only increase.

Those who are in search of the second half are recommended to have dates for the next day: no matter how joyful the meeting today is and whatever hope it may have engendered in you. Get ready for the fact that the next day everything will turn out to be completely different from what you expected. Therefore, it is better to coincide with the beginning of a new relationship to the beginning of a new lunar month.

Health and emotional state

Emotional instability on this day can provoke misunderstandings and disagreements even in the most well-coordinated working team and in the most harmonious couples. So try to avoid problem situations without starting a dispute. Refrain from attending mass events: this way you save your mental strength and avoid unnecessary emotional stress.

Physical activity should be kept to a minimum. The breakdown and general weakness of the body increase the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases and make the immune system more vulnerable. During the day, give yourself some time to rest and do not eat harmful foods so as not to inflict unnecessary blows on a weakened body.

What luck will come with

  • Completion of cases, summing up
  • Calm pastime with family

What to avoid

  • Opening new projects
  • Participation in disputes and conflicts
  • Physical and emotional stress

The final day of the lunar month promises to be difficult. Be attentive to your health and do not look for a dirty trick in the words and actions of others, then it will pass safely. We wish you more strength and energy, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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