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Lunar day today is October 10

Lunar day today October 10th

How will the energy of the moon affect us? What should be done to wrap up the situation in their favor? The lunar calendar for each day will tell you what to do in certain areas of life.

The 27th lunar day will be held in the “Waning Moon” phase. Significant and, mainly, a positive impact on the emotional state of people on October 10 will have the constellation Virgo.

Career and Finance

Auspicious day to solve all long-standing tasks. If you have cases that were put on the back burner — today is the decisive moment when you need to pay attention to them. Any work that requires a certain concentration of attention will also be fruitful.

It is through the implementation of such tasks that you have the opportunity to get approval from the authorities and enjoy the reward. After all, to move up the career ladder requires not only ambitiousness and energy, but also the ability to concentrate on details and calmly delve into the essence of the matter.

Today will be successful small household purchases. Chances of getting on sale are great, where you can buy everything you need and save a decent amount of money.

Personal life and relationships

In a personal relationship, a great time is coming to resolve urgent problems. Today you can look at the situation from a different angle and come to a common decision. However, do not be too emotional to express their discontent and pour accusations.

Find a compromise you can only in a relaxed atmosphere.

This lunar day will also be favorable for communication with parents and your mentors. If you have not seen your family for a long time, then 27 lunar days will give you a great opportunity to visit them or just call.

Health and emotional state

You should not give in to emotions, especially if they are connected with discontent — in this aspect the Moon can affect you negatively. In order to control the situation, it is necessary to resort to traditional medicine and take tea with mint or brew a complex of herbs that will have a calming effect on your nervous system.

Although the Moon is in the Diminishing Phase, today is not the best day for a fasting diet or starting a diet. Astrologers recommend limiting yourself to fatty and heavy foods; this will be enough to bring the internal and external state of the body in the proper form.

What matters today will be favorable

  • registration of large transactions, without preliminary analysis
  • buying necessary things in everyday life
  • communication with close relatives
  • search for a compromise in personal relationships

What is not recommended

  • eat fast food and fatty foods
  • overly negative emotions
  • try to get new jobs from the bosses or take on a new project
  • fuss and wind yourself up on trifles

October 10 is a good day to sort things out in a calm tone, as well as to do the hard work. The coming lunar days are suitable for self-analysis and analysis of the protracted issues that require an approach from some other side. Adhering to the advice of astrologers, you will spend this time with benefit and complete many tasks that required some attention. Moon horoscope wishes you to be more attentive to yourself and others, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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