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Lunar day today is October 1

Lunar day today October 1

What are the joys and difficulties of the day opening the new month? What needs to be done to ensure that circumstances were in your favor, and Fortune was supportive of all undertakings? Read in the daily lunar calendar for the year.

The eighteenth lunar day promises to be rich and not without problems, but organized and able to restrain emotions people will easily overcome difficulties. The waning moon in Taurus favors hard work and thrift, so success will be accompanied in work and affairs related to monetary transactions.

Career and Finance

The first of October is a good time to start new projects or implement your own ideas. However, success is guaranteed only on the condition that there are no unfinished business of the past month left for you. In this case, it is better to spend time completing the long-started, and after that, take up the new.

A slight decline in strength and inertia, which is celebrated on this day, can be a significant barrier to the active beginning of October and have a negative impact on career success. Therefore, do not let yourself relax: completing one thing, immediately take up another. Reinforced concentration and the ability to take a critical look at things will help you to easily resolve all issues and lay a good foundation for follow-up.

Considered financial investments and transactions made on the eighteenth lunar day, will bring you great benefits. So do not worry about the safety of your budget and feel free to make financial transactions.

Personal life and relationships

Today is fraught with frequent changes of mood, which can lead to conflicts from scratch. In order not to provoke a quarrel with a loved one, do not dwell on trifles and do not remember about your past problems. Such behavior can shake your relationship, even if now there is harmony and mutual understanding between you.

Spend the day in a cozy home environment, dedicate time to pleasant memories and making plans for the future, then a joint pastime will give you joy and strengthen your union.

On the eighteenth lunar day, you can safely date. The beginning of the month is favorable for everything new, including the acquisition of relationships. Listen to your feelings and the voice of the heart more often — they will give you the most effective advice.

Health and emotional state

On the 18th lunar day, a decline in strength and general weakness of the body can be observed. To strengthen your physical condition and take from this day all the good that it can give, avoid junk food and excessive fatigue. In the morning it will be useful to do exercises: light exercise will lead you to tone and add energy.

Drink plenty of fluids and do not be nervous over trifles.

What luck will come with

  • Financial transactions
  • The beginning of a romantic relationship
  • Revitalizing diets
  • Attending interesting events

What to avoid

  • Overwork
  • Putting things off for later
  • Eating harmful products

The moon horoscope promises that the first day of October will be difficult and eventful. Do not allow yourself to be lazy, strive to achieve the desired and be sure to leave yourself time to rest. Let Fortune smile at you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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