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Lunar day today is November 4th

Lunar day today is November 4th

The unstable growing moon has a great influence, but its power can be used to achieve its goals. What strategy to choose today, will tell the lunar calendar.

On November 4, the Moon is in a growing phase under the influence of the Capricorn Sign, which stabilizes and limits its capricious influence. Friday is under the auspices of Venus, which is considered a favorable planet and is responsible for the manifestation of love.

Magnetic storms today

Magnetic storms are not expected to date. The magnetosphere is calm, meteo-dependent people, however, may experience some health problems due to a sharp change in weather and temperature.

Successful beginnings on the 6th lunar day:

  • travel and travel;
  • romantic relationship;
  • playing sports;
  • creation.

Try to avoid

  • conflict situations;
  • abuse of power;
  • impulsive impulses.

Important Dates Today

What to do at home with the growing moon

Favorable time to restore order in the house. Dedicate the evening to the family, carefully listen to loved ones. Your support will help you make the right decision and save your family and friends from future troubles.

It is possible that today you will have the strength to complete household chores, to which you paid little attention.

Growing Moon Clothing:

Today is better to spend brightly: all shades of red and orange will attract good luck, allow you to concentrate on the important and not to miss minor details. They may be significant for making important decisions. People born under the Capricorn Sign, do not interfere with jewelry made of silver and natural stones.

Financial and career affairs:

6 lunar day — not the most successful for cash transactions, bank investments and large expenses, as well as for doing business with government agencies. Career does not tolerate carelessness. Spend your time thinking about the implementation plan for your ideas, but do not get involved in conflicts with the authorities.

Love affairs:

Pay attention to the second half and listen to it carefully. New relationships are also favorable on the 6th lunar day. Do not impose yourself and do not rush things.

Careful attention to the problems of loved ones will help you in strengthening relationships and bring you closer to a happy future.

Lonely girls and women should pay attention to matters that are related to the energy of Venus. Changing the image and hairstyle has a beneficial effect on energy and gives confidence in their own abilities. For the fulfillment of the cherished dream, try to make with your own hands a amulet, wish-fulfillment

Emotional and physical health:

Do not give in to provocations and listen to your body. It’s time to improve the health of vitamin complexes and herbal. Impulsiveness is what should be avoided. Reckless words and deeds can turn into not only tense relations with relatives and colleagues, but also contribute to the appearance of headaches and migraines.

Try not to overwork in the evening.

From any situation in life you can find a way out. Wrap in small joke and do not forget about the strength of a smile. Morning prayer for good luck will help you spend a good day and solve conflict issues in your favor. Live on the positive and do not forget to press the buttons and

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