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Lunar day today is November 1st

Lunar day today is November 1 of the year.

Every new day is a new battle for luck and success. The advice of astrologers will help you overcome any obstacles with minimal loss.

To raise energy and vitality today we need to try our best. Good mood — the key to success. Do not be afraid to look ahead, creating a strong footing now. It all starts with ambition, and ambition starts with motivation.

Look for motivation, then you will find your luck in all areas of life.

Phase of the Moon: the growing moon today resides in the sign of Aries. Despite the special power of Aries, the energy of this Sign will not be combined with the lunar energy. Such a dissonance can seriously interfere with your plans on the 13th lunar day.

Magnetic storms on November 1: today the sun will not disturb us at all. Earth’s magnetic field will be as calm as possible.

What will bring good luck today:

  • following the plans;
  • common sense, logic;
  • wise advice of loved ones;
  • privacy;
  • brainwork.

What will scare away the success of November 1:

  • impulsiveness;
  • self-examination;
  • quick transition from planning to action;
  • high ambitions.

Lunar household chores

Home today is better to be alone. If you do not have any business outside the home, then try to abstract from all the problems and just enjoy your favorite hobby or relax. Of course, the day off today is not enough for anyone, but even if you work, do not take on too much.

In the evening at home, do not rush to remake all the cases and finish the job. The most reasonable plan would be to just relax, watch a movie, read a book, drink a soothing tea. The house is your fortress, so don’t bring extra problems with it.

What to wear on November 1

Try to look most reserved today. Careless selection of the color of clothes may attract a lot of unnecessary attention. Today it is better to be a gray mouse and take care of protection. The energy of the metal will be very useful, especially if this metal is silver.

The most cautious is to be ladies who prefer bright and catchy outfits. Restraint today will save you from most troubles. November 1 does not need to get acquainted with someone, to make a phenomenal impression on someone.

Concentrate on work, using more black when creating an image.

Finance, business and work on the 13th lunar day

At work, in business and financial affairs, you will be helped by following common sense. On such days, people love to ask someone for favors, but you should not do it thoughtlessly. You can be forced to enter the adventure, which is obviously a failure.

This is a dangerous day that can deprive you of money, respect and status. This can happen even without the intervention of outsiders — you can annoy yourself if you allow ambitions to lead you. Do not pay attention to dubious proposals and do not fall for provocations.

Be careful only to the words and advice of those who are dear to you and who you are dear to.

Lunar love and relationship

As in deeds, so in love today you should not hurry. Astrologers advise not to rush things, if you intend to continue after a date or meeting. If the date was scheduled for today, do not shirk.

Look for time to keep your promise. Look for any opportunity to prove your love, because people will believe only actions, not ambitions and empty promises. If there were no plans for the evening, then don’t build them today.

Solitude is a good choice.

Mood and health today

Only humble and sober people will have a good mood. Do not expect anything supernatural from yourself and from this world, then everything will be fine. Just move forward to your goals.

You will be in a good mood if you don’t look for those guilty in your actions and you’re not too self-critical. As for the state of health, due to the strong dissonance of the Moon and Aries, it may not be the best.

Use affirmations if you do not know how to force yourself to drive out negative thoughts from your head. Success is always there — you just need to reach out. Today, try to be as creative as possible in everything. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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