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Lunar day today is November 15

Lunar day today is November 15th

The moon has a great influence on earthly life, including our affairs. The lunar calendar will tell you what the energy of the night star favors on this day, how to achieve Fortune’s location and spend time with maximum benefit.

The growing moon is under the auspices of the purposeful Capricorn. The fifth day in the lunar calendar has to communicate with loved ones, favorite activities and active recreation. Try not to be in a state of complete inaction: passivity can be delayed for a long time and greatly hinder you in the future.

Career and Finance

On the fifth lunar day, it is not recommended to concentrate directly on work issues: a short break in activity will help you recuperate and get down to business with a fresh mind. On this day, it is worthwhile to think up a rough plan of further actions. Analyze your achievements and mistakes — this will contribute to understanding how to act in the near future, what to pay more attention to and what to avoid.

In addition, today you can visit very productive ideas that will be favorably received by the authorities and brought to life. So do not lose sight of them and with the beginning of the working week begin to take more initiative — this will contribute to your career growth, and therefore increase your income.

Finance on this day should be disposed of especially carefully and thoughtfully. Do not spontaneously follow your desires: before you make a serious purchase, well weigh all the pros and cons. Unreliable people should not lend money, no matter how strong your altruistic motives are: the return of finances will have to wait a long time.

Personal life and relationships

Be attentive to your words: giving an unrealistic promise, you risk ruining your relationship with your loved one once and for all. Promise only what you are sure of, and you will maintain mutual understanding. In order not to give each other grounds for conflict, do not discuss the joint future — choose a neutral topic for conversations that is interesting to both of you.

Strengthen alliance and add color to feelings will help active joint pastime. Trade your home evening for an interesting event, a trip to another city, a hike for a friendly meeting, or just a secluded walk. This will not only energize you for the coming week, but also keep the harmony in a pair.

Health and emotional state

Because of the unstable emotional background on the fifth lunar day, unreasonable conflicts can easily flare up, the resolution of which you later spend a lot of time and effort. Get rid of negative emotions will help exercise and natural sedatives — for example, herbal teas.

The lunar calendar advises to give up on harmful products and stick to a healthy diet. With this procedure, you cleanse your body and with new forces enter into everyday work.

What luck will come with

  • Professional planning
  • Leisure
  • Cleansing the body

What to avoid

  • Passivity
  • Manifestation of negative emotions
  • Reckless financial spending

The fifth lunar day promises to be rich and bright. Spend it as productively as possible. Appreciate loved ones, follow the recommendations of the lunar calendar and do not forget to press the buttons and

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