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Lunar day today is November 14

Lunar day today is November 14th

The lunar calendar draws attention to the details that affect the events in our lives. Following his recommendations, you can change the situation for the better.

Every day, many factors affect our lives. But we must remember that much depends on us. By applying the psychology of wealth every day, you slowly but surely approach abundance and happiness.

Phase of the Moon: On November 14, the Full Moon will come, which, under the influence of the Taurus Constellation, can radically change life. In these 15 lunar days you can enlist the support of influential people and significantly increase their income.

Magnetic storms: today the magnetosphere will be calm and will not exceed the allowable values.

What will bring success today:

  • transactions;
  • study of new information;
  • interesting acquaintances;
  • meeting with relatives;
  • business trips.

What is not recommended:

  • refuse to help;
  • argue with the authorities;
  • take on other people’s responsibilities;
  • get involved in gambling.

Lunar household chores

On this day, astrologers recommend to postpone all the chores and do your favorite thing. If you like to embroider, draw or make figurines and the like, today this hobby will inspire you with fresh ideas and lead to harmony. It is possible to find inner harmony in other ways, for example, working with chakras will improve the situation in all spheres of life.

Wardrobe on a lunar day

November 14, give preference to light shades. The energy of the Full Moon will charge these things with love and health. This image will help you to establish the necessary connections and attract success.

Business, money and career

This lunar day is perfect for signing contracts with new partners and launching large-scale projects. During negotiations, be confident in your professionalism and show no doubt if they arise. Thanks to this behavior, you will successfully complete all the assigned tasks and will be able to apply for a position that is more interesting for you.

Also today, any purchases will be successful. Allow yourself the really high-quality thing you have dreamed of for so long. It will remind you of success and even be able to become your good luck charm.

If desired, these amulets can be made independently and charge them in abundance.

Lunar love and relationship

On November 14, you will be full of energy that can be directed both to love and to quarrel. No need to blame your soul mate for all the failures. It would be best if you spend your leisure time in pleasant surroundings with confidential conversations.

Excellent support and support will be parents and close relatives. Remember that they have always loved and continue to love you. Try to communicate with them more often and take care.

It will not go unnoticed and in return you will get a lot more love.

Health in the 15th lunar day

On this day, there may be difficulties with rest and sleep. To avoid insomnia, take a relaxing bath and listen to relaxing music. Also eliminate excessive activity two hours before bedtime.

November 14 will open up new opportunities for you, and using the energy of the Full Moon can greatly enhance the effect. Special rituals on the Full Moon will help get rid of unnecessary and attract abundance. The lunar calendar wishes you new victories, great mood, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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