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Lunar day today is November 11

Lunar day today is November 11th

The power of the New Moon is great and in a certain way influences our biofield. How to attract luck and health with it, prompts the daily lunar calendar.

The moon is in its infancy, under the influence of Scorpio Zodiac. These 30 lunar days will have a beneficial effect on decision making and planning for the future.

Career and Finance

Energy of the New Moon will help in the development of new projects and setting the right tasks. If you have long dreamed of advancing in the service, then today is the right time to implement your plans. Show initiative and ingenuity, thus you can draw attention to your personality.

Success will bring any investment in the banking sector. However, before you enter into this kind of transaction, you should carefully check all the information. And to concentrate and make the right decision will help you constellation Scorpio.

Personal life and relationships

Stars recommend listening to any advice that close people will share with you. You should not immediately reject the proposed option: it is quite possible that it is in this advice that the key to your happiness and success lies.

But relations with partners are on the thin line between a complete break and a transition to a higher level. Try to settle all differences in a peaceful way, then it will be much easier to sort out the situation. Also, do not rush and make new acquaintances, relying solely on intuition.

Such acquaintances will be burdensome and not interesting.

Health and emotional state

Although the moon has gone through a period of recession, it is better to postpone the use of strict diets to another day. But active sports and hardening will delight you with excellent results. Eat more vegetables and fruits, and semi-finished products are generally better to exclude from your diet.

Concentrate only on positive emotions, laugh more often and tune in to positive. Such a life stance will help you stay in excellent mood, strengthen your energy and make it more successful in any endeavors.

What matters today will be favorable

  • getting rid of bad habits
  • gym attendance
  • bank investments
  • marriage proposals

What is not recommended

  • exhaust your body with tough diets
  • provoke a quarrel
  • shift your work responsibilities to others

30 lunar days can be called magical, because it is on this day that you can make wishes and dream of the most intimate. New Moon helps to tune in to success and happiness, so use this opportunity and correctly direct your request to the Higher Forces. The lunar calendar wishes you peace in the soul and in the family. Use every opportunity to achieve results and do not forget to press the buttons and

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