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Lunar day today is May 5

Lunar day today May 5th year

The lunar calendar helps people find the right path in life on any given day. The lunar energy changes daily, therefore, the advice of astrologers varies. If you take them into account, you can change your life for the better.

The lunar calendar helps people not only to stay afloat, but also to bring good luck into their lives. Avoiding trouble becomes easier, as well as achieving success in love, business, work, finance. Your aura becomes stronger, because you are doing everything the way the Universe wants, space.

The moon is closest to our planet, so its impact on us is especially strong.

Phase of the Moon: May 5th is the 20th lunar day. This means that the descending phase of the moon is continuing. This day will be under the aegis of Capricorn, which means that there are big problems for most people.

Magnetic Storms May 5: The Earth’s magnetosphere will not be excited today, so one should not wait for magnetic storms. The day will be productive for physical exertion, work.

What will bring luck today:

  • monotonous work;
  • physical work;
  • timely rest;
  • conversation;
  • business planning.

What will scare away good luck on the 20th lunar day:

  • changing life priorities;
  • loneliness;
  • a change of scenery;
  • feeling unwell.

Lunar household chores

At home today, you can safely do all kinds of chores like cleaning. Do not touch the furniture, do not move today and do not start repairs. Do what you can do best, but do not experiment.

Your task will be to solve the most pressing problems. In the house you can buy new things, new decor, but it must be little things. Do not buy new furniture today, because later you can be disappointed in their choice.

What to wear on May 5

Clothing to choose today is based on what you are going to do. If you are at home, put on something green or blue so that your strength is restored as quickly as possible and spent more evenly. Of the metal talismans, it is better to give preference to zirconium, which will allow you not to tire so quickly, and gold, which will provide you with the desire to work.

Do not combine jewelry from these two metals. Use one thing. Stones-talismans, suitable for today’s energy, should be blue. This is the only rule of choice.

It is even better not to combine them if the structure of the stones is different.

Finance, business, work today

May 5, it is better to be more careful with global purchases. If you have a desire to buy something very important, then it is better for the time being to simply monitor prices, get acquainted with the assortment in different stores. Try today to keep yourself from spending too much.

If it does not work out, then nothing terrible will happen with moderate spending. As soon as the process gets out of control, problems will begin.

At work, it is better to do business planning, negotiations. If you are still out of work, then today you can safely take remote interviews, arrange meetings or attend them. Do not be afraid to meet new people at work. «Acclimatization» will be held at the new place successfully, so you are lucky if today you will be at your new job for the first day.

Love and relationship on the 20th lunar day

In love today you will find a warm period, but not the easiest. Try to relax together from all troubles. If your couple has a day off, then close at home and watch a nice movie.

If you are single, then astrologers are advised to actively meet on social networks. Because of Capricorn, people will be more modest and shy, so remote dating will be a great success.

In relations with people in general, it is worthwhile to be active, but not to be imposed in vain. Be self-sufficient, but at the same time do not miss the opportunity to be among friends, new people. Noisy companies will help you to throw out the negative and positive emotions that have accumulated inside.

So you will rest best.

Mood and health according to the lunar calendar

Today it is better not to pierce the ears and other parts of the body. Piercing, like other sores, will take longer to heal, so it’s best not to allow yourself. You should not cut your hair today: it will not bring harm to health, but a new hairstyle may not like you, which can cause depression.

Try to solve everything for yourself today, but do nothing. Plan a trip to the doctors, hairdresser, stylist, to the store. Take care of household chores to raise your spirits.

Get organized in personal things, for example.

In no case do not overdo it too much, because feeling unwell will immediately lead to a loss of luck. Rest more and be extremely careful in everything. Stay among people so as not to lose grip.

They will supply you with energy.

This day will bring many positive people and present new opportunities in love and deeds. If you want to be among such people, then open yourself to new hobbies, business and dating. Do not lock yourself in, but do not forget that the home energy will be healing.

Everything is good in moderation, so try to spend the first half of the day at home, and in the evening get into the people. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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