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Lunar day today is May 13

Lunar day today May 13th year

What is moon day today? What good will it bring and what recommendations of astrologers to follow in order to avoid failures? Find out in the daily lunar calendar for May of the year.

Characteristics of the lunar day May 13

Today is the 25th lunar day, the waning moon in Pisces. On this day, any creative work, legal affairs, as well as travel and travel, are easily accomplished. You should not make quick decisions and start something today, because on this lunar day the mind will constantly lead us into the world of illusions and dreams.

25 lunar day well suited for trading, litigation, travel and leisurely cases. Particular attention should be paid to health, especially for people suffering from chronic diseases.

Waning Moon in the last quarter — a favorable period of time for rest, summing up, self-examination. At this time, increased emotional sensitivity, people become more susceptible, irritable and aggressive. Try to suppress negative emotions.

Day of the week — Wednesday, the ruler of the day — Mercury. The day is good for trading and mediation. Negotiations, business communication are also going well, and new acquaintances are quickly and easily made.

What matters will be successful

  • Trials.

What is not recommended

Today’s lunar day, May 13, was created for unhurried and well thought-out activities. Do not hurry today. Try to rely only on yourself. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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