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Lunar day today is March 8

Lunar day today is March 8th year

Lunar energy can be both positive and negative. Direct it towards your goals with the help of lunar calendars.

Today, March 8, The moon will decrease, being strongly influenced by the constellation Pisces. On this 29th lunar day, astrologers note a decrease in the overall tone of the body, and also advise caution in everything, since the day will be generally unfavorable.

What matters will bring success:

  • solving only urgent problems;
  • attention to dear people;
  • creation;
  • training;
  • relaxation.

What can scare away luck:

  • bad habits;
  • depression;
  • excessive exercise;
  • conflicts;
  • desire for solitude.


At home, try to restore order. If you have a desire, you can change the situation — rearrange the furniture as you have long wanted. A small redecoration, started this day, will be a good idea, like any other idea that requires your imagination.

Choice in clothes

This day will be patronized by Mars, so try to wear something bright, preferably red. For jewelry it is better to take stones such as coral or red ruby ​​- they will become your secret of success in business and communication.

Love and relationship

It is better to concentrate on the sphere of love and relationships on this lunar day. With a different prioritization, you may face disappointments. This can be avoided by reduced activity and caution in the statements.

Today, March 8, you can easily offend not only your soul mate, but also any familiar person. Try to smile more and say only nice things, especially to those you love.

Career and money

On this day, astrologers advise not to spend a lot of money and not to buy something very expensive, because there is a chance that they will try to deceive you. Rid yourself of risks and adventures — today it is too much. Any cases that can be transferred, transfer.

You can work on another day.

Health and mood

The mood will constantly fluctuate today, so take a soothing bath and avoid conflict situations. Any confrontation will turn against your mood. Winning the debate today also fails — there will be no winners.

Watch your health, as possible exacerbation of chronic diseases.

March 8 — International Women’s Day, but do not lean on alcohol. Try to celebrate the holiday quietly and modestly. Be kind to the people around you and smile more often to fight back this difficult day.

These 29 lunar days will become quite a difficult time. The solar calendar for March 8 will help you prepare for it better. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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