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Lunar day today is March 7th

Lunar day today is March 7th year

Few people know that without the moon there would be no life on earth. Its influence is enormous — that is why the lunar calendar will help you achieve harmony even on the most difficult day.

On March 7, the Moon will continue its decline, being under the influence of Aquarius. This Monday and the 28th lunar day will bring great luck, and almost without the risk of losing it.

What matters will bring success:

  • solving organizational issues;
  • creativity;
  • training;
  • housework;
  • expensive purchases.

What can scare away luck:

  • ignoring advice;
  • new projects launched today;
  • excessive exercise;
  • quarrels with relatives;
  • increased impulsiveness.


At home, it is better to give preference to putting everything in order. Spread books in alphabetical order, plates in size — give order to everything. No general cleaning lunar calendar is not advised.

Transfer it to another day.

Choice in clothes

Today, the best choice would be bright, but not flashy tones, which can annoy yourself or others. Try to wear as little jewelry as possible. The exceptions are white gold jewelry.

The best stone amulet for today is topaz.

Love and relationship

In love, it is better to exercise caution on this lunar day. Eliminate any impulsive antics on your part. It’s better not to pay attention to the attacks of your second half. Try to be in harmony with yourself and your thoughts so that the world around you loves you.

In relationships with people, everything will depend on you. Be patient, calm and responsive, then this day will bring only good luck.

Career and money

You can not limit yourself to shopping — March 7, this news will please the male half of the population, who will try to buy something beautiful for their second half, mothers, sisters and female colleagues. As for promotion, things will go very well today. Just do not forget about peace and lack of conflict.

Health and mood

Today, the mood may be unstable, so beware of conflict situations. In no case do not submit to provocations by your detractors or envious people — this may have bad consequences in the future.

It is better to exclude bad habits from life, but trips to doctors, in case of any problems, will come in handy. It would also be nice to start some kind of diet or just limit the amount of food — overeating is also not desirable today.

March 7 will be a very positive day and can bring a lot of new emotions. If you need more information, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the solar calendar for March 7. We wish you success in your work, deeds, love, and do not forget to press buttons and

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