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Lunar day today is March 5th

Lunar day today is March 5th year

Astrology, like numerology, can warn us of unpleasant situations and help to avoid this. Learn to think positively and attract good luck along with the lunar calendar.

On March 5, the Moon is in a state of decline. These 25 lunar days can be decisive in financial matters, as they closely interact with the Constellation Capricorn.

What will bring success today

  • planning long-term projects;
  • issues related to real estate;
  • communication with loved ones;
  • walks in the open air;
  • meditation.

What is not recommended

  • make deals with unverified customers;
  • communicate disrespectfully with their colleagues;
  • drink alcohol in large quantities;
  • spend time in solitude.

What to do at home on the 25th lunar day

March 5, we continue to clean the room from the accumulated dirt and negative. Today it is recommended to change all the curtains and make small changes to the interior. Even if you put a new vase with flowers in the space, it activates the element of Water, which will wash away the last remnants of negative energy.

Choice in clothes on the 25th lunar day

If you want to earn the trust of a certain person, do not dress in too bright clothes. Prefer simple tailoring with soothing tones, and your elegance can be emphasized with expensive accessories or jewelery.

Business, money and career

If you are faced with an impossible task at first glance, you should not be upset. Break the large-scale goal into smaller ones, and then you will succeed. By choosing the right strategy, you will achieve the desired results in a shorter time, which will affect your progress up the career ladder.

Today one should be more careful with large acquisitions, since there is a high risk of getting low-quality goods. Before you pay, carefully check the product and do not forget to clarify the information on the warranty period. It will save you from negative emotions in the future.

Love and relationship

Do not be discouraged if you feel that your relationship with a partner has waned. In this case, you need to calmly discuss pressing issues with him and come to a compromise. Even if you decide to take a break and understand yourself, this will be a new stage in your life, as well as valuable experience.

Those who are in search of their second half, it’s time to stop soaring in the clouds and dream of a prince on a white horse. Be realistic and soberly assess the situation. This will help you understand what you really want, and in which direction to move on.

Health and Emotions

With the onset of spring, the body needs more vitamins to stay in great shape. That is why remember about healthy eating and good rest. To avoid depression and nervous breakdowns, do not forget about breathing practices and positive thinking.

Such an integrated approach will help you stay in a great mood and tune in to the wave of wealth and success on this lunar day.

March 5 will help you understand yourself and decide on further steps. Follow your intuition and do not be afraid to change. The astrological calendar wishes you good luck in all your endeavors, vigor of the body, good mood, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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