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Lunar day today is March 4th

Lunar day today is March 4th year

Every day we are faced with a choice, and sometimes it is very difficult for us to take a step in the right direction. Daily astrological calendar will help in this.

On March 4, the Moon continues to decrease, and the human energy also declines. These 25 lunar days will pass under the influence of the Capricorn Zodiac Sign. That is why you need to pay special attention to financial issues.

What will bring success today

  • real estate transactions;
  • trade;
  • creative expression;
  • trips out of town;
  • breathing practices.

What is not recommended

  • complain about life;
  • shift their work responsibilities to colleagues;
  • provoke conflicts;
  • borrow.

What to do at home

March 4 should pay special attention to clean windows in the room. With the arrival of spring, it is necessary to clean the glass from the accumulated dirt and negative. This will attract abundance to your home and fill it with warmth and light.

Choice in clothes

If you prefer light and calm shades in clothes, you can attract the necessary people and enlist the support of the Higher Forces. Jewelry is best suited for gold. And in combination with precious stones, such an accessory can be an excellent amulet in the love sphere.

Business, money and career

Today, you should observe the utmost attention when dealing with issues relating to money, because it is likely to make a mistake or miss important information. To avoid financial losses, carefully check the data and exclude cooperation on those lunar days with those who do not inspire confidence in you.

Be prepared for the Universe to test your strength and provide many lucrative options. If you follow your intuition and are able to see all the pitfalls, you will make the right choice, which will bring you a substantial salary increase.

Love and relationship

In an attempt to please the partner, you can forget about your desires and needs. Therefore, it is recommended to devote this lunar day to yourself and have a good time. If you have long dreamed of visiting a beauty salon, but could not find the time for this, today is the right time to relax and care for yourself.

Being in search of their second half, people often focus on the opinions of others. You need to think about what kind of image you like, what is important for you in the future partner. After realizing who you really want to see next, interesting and suitable people will begin to appear.

Health and Emotions

A waning moon can deprive us of our last strength, if we are constantly inside the walls of the house and remain inactive. In order to be filled with energy, it is necessary to spend more time in the fresh air and remember about proper nutrition. Well, positive thinking and meditation will help attract success and abundance.

March 4 will make you worry about finances. However, this is exactly what motivates you to move towards the goal and decide on something new and unusual. The lunar calendar believes in your strength, high spirits and focus on results. Enjoy life, listen to your inner voice and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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