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Lunar day today is March 15th

Lunar day today is March 15th year

If you want every day to be favorable for you, read the lunar calendar. This will help you in daily affairs and relationships with family, colleagues, friends and loved ones.

Phase of the Moon: Today, March 15 of the year, 8 lunar day comes. The second lunar day the Ball is ruled by Twins. This day promises to be successful — almost the same as the previous one.

The growing Moon and Twins will charge you with energy for any business.

What will bring success today:

  • solving urgent problems;
  • intellectual, mental work;
  • trips;
  • obtaining new skills;
  • small purchases.

What you should not do today:

  • succumb to provocations;
  • allow inattention to trifles;
  • overload the body with physical exertion.


On such a day, astrologers suggest creating plans for future repairs, making rearrangements, as well as receiving guests and arranging friendly gatherings. Stormy parties are welcome, but not like calm and quiet conversations with friends with a bottle of red wine. On this occasion, it is worthwhile to establish order, but surface cleaning will suffice.

Clothing preferences

Today, a style close to strict is recommended, but the colors should indicate your originality. Let it be some motley shades like green, yellow, turquoise, red. An excellent choice would be, for example, a jacket with a red tie.

And for women, by the way, too.

Lunar love and relationship

Warmth and comfort on the 8th lunar day will benefit all — you and those around you. In love, it is better to be active and initiative, leading your soul mate. So you show your feelings and intentions.

For those who have been in a relationship for a long time, it is better to give preference to a quiet evening while watching an interesting movie.

Money and career on the lunar calendar

At work and in business, as well as in business relations in general, the main task will be to show one’s initiative and readiness to help in a difficult situation. So you can show everyone that you can count on in a difficult situation, that you are strong in spirit and are ready to move mountains. As for money issues, avoid any adventures and expensive acquisitions.

Mood and health according to the lunar calendar

The mood today will be more stable than polar, but there is a chance that you will try to offend or hurt. The fact is that people today can be quite impulsive, capable of saying a lot of unpleasant words only in a fit of emotions, although in the future they will regret it.

And practically nothing threatens health today. Be afraid of overwork and do not abuse bad habits.

This day will be a great time for the exchange of warmth, pleasant communication and business success. To attract Fortune to your side, read the solar calendar for March 15th. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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