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Lunar day today is March 14th

Lunar day today is March 14th year

The influence of the moon daily sets the level of our luck in all undertakings. That is why astrologers recommend tracking the lunar calendar.

One of the habits of successful people is planning in advance. It is advisable to make it a rule and practice every day. It is much better than acting spontaneously.

At a minimum, it gives stability in life and helps to discipline oneself. To start planning your business, you do not need to sit down and make a plan for the year. Enough at the end of each day to have a clear idea of ​​what you will do tomorrow.

And, of course, it is better to coordinate your plans with the lunar calendar, which daily helps to find the path of least resistance.

Phase of the Moon: the waning moon will be in Aquarius. The 27 lunar day will come — the time to solve the tasks postponed earlier. It will be an easy and productive day that will help to cope with troubles and begin active work to improve their lives.

Magnetic storms: March 14 is expected to begin a protracted magnetic storm. Weather-sensitive people should take measures in advance to protect their health from the effects of solar activity.

What will bring good luck:

  • social work;
  • interaction with people;
  • organizational skills;
  • mental or creative activity;
  • self-education, expanding horizons;
  • new knowledge.

What will scare away luck:

  • irresponsibility;
  • envy;
  • categorical.

Lunar household chores

The influence of Aquarius does not fit well with a measured lifestyle. In the days of the stay of the Moon in this Sign, the desire to “conquer the world” or at least begin to act for the good of their bright future is intensified. Astrologers recommend deciding on goals and setting the right guidelines for yourself. It is not recommended to stay at home, take time off from work, transfer responsibility onto other shoulders.

If you want to do the cleaning, it is important to know which one: general or surface. So you set yourself clear goals that you follow. It is also advisable to approach everyday duties with a bit of humor and creativity.

Creativity will help not to get bored doing something monotonous and mediocre.

Wardrobe March 14

When choosing clothes, the lunar calendar advises not to overdo it with a variety of colors. The desire to stand out will push for unexpected experiments with the usual image. Of course, this may be beneficial for you, but you should not cross the border.

Simply put, you will be in the heat of passion, the impulse will quickly go out, but its consequences will callore your eyes for a long time. You can provoke yourself to drastic changes that make you doubt any other day. The lunar calendar recommends listening to your heart, intuition and desires, but logic and common sense should not be turned off.

Finance and career on Wednesday

Today is the day of action. It is important to turn off all your fears, contradictions, anxieties and begin to act. The Moon wants this, Aquarius demands it, you need it. The main goal of this day is to weed out insecurity and bring your life, including financial, to a new level.

How to do it? Everything is very simple. Today, the desire for self-knowledge will increase, so we will all look for answers to exciting questions at the subconscious level, and thanks to the positive influence of 27 lunar days, the necessary answers will lie on the surface.

So do not regret time for immersion in your thoughts: on March 14 you will be able to begin the path leading to enrichment and getting rid of problems.

In addition, today is a good day for creativity, mental work, the introduction of new plans or business ideas. Success will depend on the availability of communication skills and the ability to properly express their thoughts. Astrologers also recommend communicating with people from a different generation.

This will help either to gain worldly wisdom, or to look at the world from a different angle.

Love and relationship in the 27th lunar day

Today, everyone should improve the microclimate in the family. This is necessary in order to build a more mature and healthy relationship, to overcome the old grievances and misunderstandings. Beware of big words and unwarranted conclusions.

On such days as this one, there is a high probability of breaks, quarrels and scandals literally because of nonsense.

If your loved one is dear to you, try to take his position and look at the situation through his eyes. It is not necessary to add fuel to the fire, responding to criticism of a partner with mutual complaints. You and your loved one, as a rule, have two different visions of the situation, and everyone wants to describe it in his own way.

Think about your love story and the causes of the conflict, to set yourself the goal of complete interaction in a pair. Be a team that works together smoothly.

Mood and health today

There may be flashes of negativity that should be controlled. Do not let yourself be slack, occasionally letting negative emotions out. Do not try to replace them, thinking in a positive way.

Better try to understand what they are caused and how to change it. Astrologers are sure: to find the answer to this question is not difficult.

As for health, then 27 lunar days will reward us with an excess of energy. If you do not give her exit, passively living the day, she can be transformed into negative. That is why inaction today is strictly prohibited. If you feel fatigued, you should observe your condition, and it is better to go for a medical examination and undergo a full examination.

Impotence is a sign of serious health problems that should not be ignored.

In order today to get rid of the anxiety that will be common to all without exception, you should trust the recommendations of the lunar calendar. Try to be as active, confident and sociable as possible. Do not rely on luck, learn to rely on yourself.

The lunar calendar wishes you a great mood. Successes today, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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