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Lunar day today is June 2

Lunar day today June 2

The moon influences many things in the world. You can always use its energy to benefit from any event. Following the advice of astrologers and the lunar calendar, you can attract good luck.

Each area of ​​life requires a special approach. To achieve any goal you need to work on yourself. Without self-improvement, almost no heights can be achieved.

The moon is the best helper when everything is bad.

Phase of the Moon: The last day of the moon in Capricorn. The moon is in a declining phase. Today at 18 lunar day, You may have problems finding motivation.

June 2 will be a magnetic storm of dangerous level. Meteosensitive people should be as careful as possible in everything. High likelihood of headaches, excessive fatigue.

What will bring good luck

  • rest, relaxation;
  • caution;
  • taking care of yourself;
  • diplomacy;
  • ambitious.

What will deter success

  • conflicts;
  • depressed mood;
  • high activity, overwork.

Lunar household chores

At home today it is better not to get out, and not to waste time on household chores. Today it is better to rest. The moon and the Sun seem to have joined forces against us, so try not to do anything important or significant. You can get out tomorrow, and today, relax as it should.

Gain strength, abstract from cases.

What to wear on this day

On a waning moon, bright clothes will be a bad choice, especially today. Avoid using any color other than gray, black. You can surround yourself with blue or turquoise at home to increase your body tone.

Reach for silver jewelry, because silver will drive the negative away from you and protect your aura. Silver will help to keep at least a share of good luck and good mood. Can be used as talisman jewelry made of platinum.

Finance, business and work

Financial flows today will be very weak, so you should not make very important decisions, spend large sums of money or sign important papers. It is also not necessary to lend and take loans themselves.

Increased performance today do not wait. Take advantage of this weekend to the maximum. Take everything from life to rest properly. If you are unlucky and today is your working day, you will have to properly allocate resources.

Even a little overwork will do more harm than good. Understand the responsibilities and go home as soon as possible to relax.

Love and relationship today

Today it is worth spending time alone with your soulmate. If a loved one will reproach you for something, do not start a scandal, try to understand the very reason for the negative, because you may have earned criticism in your address.

In relations with people in general, arrogance should not prevail. Do not put yourself above the rest because it forms a huge gap between you and your friends, colleagues, and so on. People will be very vulnerable to such quirks.

You can also get your share of negativity due to not very beautiful behavior of others. Keep yourself in hand, trying to somehow understand them, so as not to turn everything into a powerful conflict.

Mood and health according to the lunar calendar

The mood today can be subdued or polar. Try to find something positive in unpleasant trifles, but for this you will have to connect not intuition and emotions, but logic. Saturday is an auspicious day, which can hide all good things between the lines.

Do not try to dwell on the bad in unpleasant situations.

The health of people today will be subjected to severe stress, but not only because of the magnetic storm of the second level. The fact is that the waning moon in Capricorn is the last day. This is a very demanding day that awakens deep-seated experiences of people.

Finding the strength to move forward will be very difficult. In conjunction with the storm, it will definitely be a tough test of strength. Be patient and try not to overwork at work, in the gym, in the country. The best rest today is at home, with a book in hand.

This is the very day when you can do nothing, if there is such an opportunity.

June 2 is expected to be difficult and dangerous for many of us. Achieving goals should not be turned into an endless struggle. Leave love and financial wars, trying to achieve inner harmony. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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