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Lunar day today is June 13

Lunar day today is June 13th

What is moon day today? What good will it bring to us and what recommendations of astrologers to follow in order to avoid failures? Find out in the daily lunar calendar for June.

Characteristics of the lunar day June 13

Today is the 26th lunar day, the waning moon in Taurus. The day will be successful for any financial transactions and purchases. You can safely make deals, sign contracts, invest money and go shopping.

The day will also be favorable for passive recreation.

26 lunar day — At this time, the energy will very quickly go away. It is important to try to direct your forces to the most important. You should not be sprayed on several tasks at the same time, as there is a risk of not really having time for anything and at the same time losing a lot of energy.

The waning moon in the last phase — time passive and sluggish. It is not recommended to start a new business, to perform large physical activities and be in a stressful state. Avoid conflicts and gossip.

Communicate carefully with people — it’s easy to offend them at this time.

The day of the week is Saturday. The ruler is Saturn. Favorable day for summing up, planning, training and simple work.

If you want to stabilize your financial situation, then start drawing up a plan for income and expenses just today!

What matters will be successful

What is not recommended

  • Sort things out.
  • Quarrel, gossip, discuss anyone.
  • Tackle several cases at once.
  • Do great physical exertion.

Today’s lunar day, June 13, is very fortunate for all work and money affairs. The first half of the day is best spent in an active mode, and in the evening to spend time in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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