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Lunar day today is July 6th

Lunar day today is July 6th year

The lunar calendar will tell you how to make this day auspicious in all areas of life. It will help avoid failures and simply cheer yourself up, which often determines victory or defeat.

As astrologers predict, July 6th will be a day of struggle with everyone around, including even themselves. A positive attitude and the right thoughts will help to endure all the temptations and difficulties. Use Natalia Pravdina’s affirmations to improve your energy and be always ready for a new step forward.

Phase of the Moon: The 3rd lunar day will be influenced by Leo. Growing Moon and Leo — this is not the best combination according to astrologers. Today, the stars and the satellite of the Earth enter into a strong dissonance, which can cause psychological problems and quarrels with relatives.

What will bring success July 6

  • energetic affairs;
  • helping others;
  • making informed decisions;
  • a high self-evaluation;
  • physical exercise.

What takes good luck July 6

  • adventures and risks;
  • quarrels, impulsiveness;
  • financial transactions, purchases;
  • hypocrisy;
  • flattery.

Home affairs on the 3rd lunar day

Any household chores will succeed if you do them alone. Astrologers suggest you try to spend this day in solitude. Anyone who can find the strength to get away from the immediate problems will find happiness.

The only amendment — if you are asked for help, today it is better not to render. The fact is that people will often act recklessly, thoughtlessly and aggressively, thinking only of themselves. If you make an impression on a person by helping him, he will not forget this for a long time.

Help your loved ones with household chores that will be important to them.

What to wear on July 6

Everything should inspire confidence in you on this day, as there will be too many annoying factors. We have already written about how to program a person’s energy for success. In that article, you can find helpful tips on how to counter negative attitudes. Also in this you will help the right clothes, the right color and the right choice of talismans.

The best metal today is noble platinum, which will protect you from reckless acts. The best stone amulet on July 6 is crystal. The color of clothes is desirable to limit the combination of black, gray and green.

They are quite neutral and will balance the zodiac Leo.

Business, Money, and Lunar Career

Shopping today will not only bring positive emotions, it will also deprive you of good luck. This applies to rash decisions taken in a hurry. If you previously planned to buy something, and today you have such an opportunity, then you can use it.

In advancement on the career ladder on July 6, a sense of proportion will help. Help those who need it, as Leo has to patronize, and the Moon will appreciate your willingness to meet people. This will come back to you in the future.

Also, you can in a similar way to build relationships with anyone, and even with enemies and detractors.

Lunar love and relationship

In love, it is better to show diplomacy and not to quarrel with your other half. The same applies to close people, friends and colleagues. Any relationship can be spoiled in one moment, if you do not listen to the interlocutor.

Emotions and health according to the lunar calendar

Redirect your energy to exercise. Sports will be very productive in this difficult day. Be careful, as overwork can cause a bad mood.

Emotions and moods on the 3rd lunar day change very often, so do not disengage from the voice of reason so as not to lose those you love. Astrologers advise to remain calm and be prudent. Do not risk either money or relationships.

Today, recklessness will cost you everything.

Everyday lunar calendar is the best helper in attracting good luck. Today, July 6, he will help you more than ever. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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