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Lunar day today is July 20

Lunar day today is July 20th of the year.

Today, the danger will increase of spending your life energy on trifles, gossip and unnecessary fuss. The recommendations of astrologers will save you from the wrong distribution of forces, pointing to the successful opportunities.

In the period of the waning moon, various conspiracies and rituals become especially effective. Moon magic at this time reaches its apogee, and correcting personal destiny becomes much easier. You can easily get lucky and get closer to the desired goal.

Phase of the Moon: 26 lunar day has a complex energy. However, finding the moon in the constellation of Gemini helps to strengthen the positive energy, which will help to take the best from this day.

Magnetic storms: According to meteorological forecasts, magnetic storms are not expected on July 20. Solar winds will not disturb the Earth’s magnetosphere.

What will bring good luck:

  • relaxation;
  • objective assessment of reality;
  • composure and attentiveness;
  • learning new;
  • short-term cash transactions;
  • exemption from unnecessary;
  • self control

What will scare away luck:

  • boasting;
  • active actions;
  • new projects;
  • waste of money;
  • irrational behavior;
  • pessimism.

Finance and career on the lunar calendar

On the 26th lunar day, you should avoid unnecessary contacts, new projects and cases requiring high concentration of attention. Increased due to the presence of the Moon in the zodiacal Gemini impulsiveness will push for adventures, active actions and the pursuit of super-success, which today, most likely, will not bring positive results. Any undertakings can run into serious obstacles.

You should not exaggerate your opportunities: today, a sober look at things rules good luck.

The lunar energy will incline many people to waste money. There is a high probability of acquiring unnecessary, but expensive things. Mindfulness and composure will help you to prevent financial troubles.

And short-term cash transactions can be an additional source of income in the future.

Home affairs on the 26th lunar day

At home throughout the day should be a favorable background. Energetically restless time can destructively affect your feelings, emotions and desires, and the only outlet will be a cozy home environment. Astrologers recommend doing things to beautify the apartment.

Helpers in these endeavors will be your family members and the ten rules of Feng Shui.

Today it is undesirable to overstrain: the priority must be the safety of internal forces and energy. In the evening, you should rest more: a certain slowness and gentleness are characteristic of the descending period of the Moon.

Wardrobe July 20

In choosing clothes, preference should be given to intriguing things. Troubled energy 26 lunar day will be fueled by the impulsiveness of Gemini. Such a union embodies powerful energy.

In their aspirations for the appearance you need to keep a drop of grace and ease.

There may be a desire to boast or to attract the attention of the public. Remember that everything should be in moderation. An overly extravagant outfit will subsequently cause a feeling of discomfort. Confidence, grace and self-control will enhance things of saturated colors, combined with jewelry made of precious stones.

Red, green and brown elements in clothes will attract attention to your brightness and exquisite taste.

Love and relationship today

Today there is a risk to spend your energy on minor routine matters and useless communication. One should not be led by flattery and take compliments too seriously: the probability of deception and subsequent disappointments is high.

In love, it will be possible to see yourself through the eyes of a partner, from the side. It is possible that such a state of affairs may be the reason for a bad mood. Do not be upset if you accidentally realize your mistakes.

Try to fix them. This is a good time for romantic deeds and declarations of love.

Health and emotions on thursday

Health today is threatened only by the wrong distribution of internal energy. Overvoltages and stresses caused by vigorous activity can weaken your body and energy. July 20 is best to refrain from overeating, fatty and high-calorie foods, alcohol.

Spend time practicing to strengthen the biofield.

Lunar activity in conjunction with the constellation of Gemini will contribute to impulsivity and aggression. It is possible that there will be a craving for public recognition and a desire for praise. 26 lunar day should be devoted to personal development, the fight against negative qualities of character.

Working week will not seem so hard if you use the influence of the moon for your own benefit. Attract only positive thoughts into your life and do not give pessimism the possibility of strengthening your heart. Be happy, good luck to you and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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