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Lunar day today is July 15th

Lunar day today July 15th year

The days of the rising moon are great for making bold plans. The advice of the lunar calendar will help you to choose the right route to reach your intended goal.

On the growing moon, it is quite possible to change life for the better thanks to the power of the word and even the power of thought. The right emotional attitude, faith and some help from the heavenly bodies will bring the desired and warn about the negative factors of the day.

Phase of the Moon: July 15 is the third lunar day. Growing Moon in Leo. This is an energetically filled day that will be favorable for self-confident individuals and successful for those who want to reach their potential.

Magnetic Storms July 15: magnetic storms are not foreseen. The energy of the Sun today carries a positive charge.

Things that will bring good luck July 15:

  • parties, corporate events;
  • sports contests;
  • physical exercise;
  • contests and festivals;
  • teamwork.

What is unfavorable today:

  • excessive excitement;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • kowtow to superiors by people.

Household July 15

Growing Moon in Leo is a time of growing energy. A burst of energy can be used to disassemble distant drawers of cabinets or mezzanines. Feng shui house cleaning is favorable. Today, rituals can be held to protect the home by lighting candles or incense.

The fire element, which is protected by Leo, will intensify for the new month and save the house from dangers and bad influence from outside.

Lunar Wardrobe

Astrologers and experts of the site dailyhoro.ru advise not to deny yourself the pleasure to dress up. Leo is the king of animals, which means that today you can afford to look royally. Light and warm colors are welcome.

Excessively bright shades, such as a screaming scarlet or poisonous orange, can lead to negativity and irritation.

Sunny amber will act as a talisman. The energy of the Sun is calm, so its impact will be positive and soothing, it will give faith in yourself. It is also useful to wear gold jewelry or high-quality jewelry.

Success will bring status accessories, such as expensive watches or glasses.

Today, the owners (or owners) of long hair can wear them loose to gain confidence. True, they must be laid beforehand: negligent strands will look sloppy.

Finance, business and work today

The growing Moon is favorable for acquisitions, but it is better to refrain from large purchases, especially ill-conceived ones: a fond Leo is fond of expensive things, and therefore the tendency to wasteful money is increasing today. Care must be taken when concluding transactions: carefully read contracts, contracts, any other documents that you sign.

Attempts to curry favor with the authorities today will not bring results: the probability is high to seem ridiculous and ingratiating person. July 15, people are more likely to believe flattering speeches, but the obvious manipulations will quickly reveal.

On the growing moon, rituals work more effectively to increase income. Competent spending of finances will also bring financial well-being to your home.

Lunar calendar of love and relationships

The current lunar day can bring discord in the relationship between loved ones, so you should not exacerbate conflicts. Sunday is the day of meeting with family and friends, so even introverts should not be left alone with themselves from morning to evening. The day is good for dating and unusual dates.

The painful topic of this Sunday is self-esteem. It will be easier to sting and hurt the self-esteem of the interlocutor, which will play into your hands in picks with the ill-wisher, but will be completely superfluous in heart-to-heart talk with the second half.

Health and Mood July 15

On the 3rd lunar day moderate loads and active rest are recommended. It is not necessary to beat records in the gym, as the Moon is just beginning to grow, and you can earn fatigue and give up on your own efforts. But a small jogging, gymnastics, yoga, therapeutic exercises will benefit.

Especially astrologers advise to do posture: Leo will definitely appreciate it.

In general, monotonous activities are undesirable, although today, on the contrary, for quick-tempered people, they will help to bring emotions in order. A positive impact will have a meditation on the growing moon.

The moon in Leo promises a favorable day in many aspects. Having learned more about the influence of the growing moon on your Zodiac, you will be prepared for a variety of circumstances. We wish you a happy Sunday, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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