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Lunar day today is July 14th

Lunar day today is July 14th

What is moon day today? Is it worth it today to realize our plans or is it better to leave important business for later? Find out about this in the daily lunar calendar for July.

Characteristic of the lunar day

Today is the 28th lunar day, the waning moon in Cancer. Stable time, favorable for the work of industries and enterprises. Things are good in the field of jurisprudence, if you are trying to defend the truth in court, the result will be the most profitable for you. Remember to increase emotional sensitivity on this day and be more tactful with your loved ones and colleagues.

It is recommended to be careful with flammable objects and metal.

28 lunar day — A good day for large-scale purchases and business, feel free to decide the issue with real estate. Take care of your health, it is possible that today you will be reminded of old diseases. Do not neglect the advice of their loved ones, today they can be very useful.

Waning moon — most likely at this time you feel the lack of energy and vitality. This period is passive and lethargic. Take advantage of the stability and complete the current business, well, fresh ideas can be implemented early next month.

Try to avoid conflicts at home and at work.

Day of the week — Tuesday, the planet — the ruler of Mars. This is a great day for active and energetic people, feel free to take on important matters and you will stay in the black. Great time for physical exertion, exercise or spend the day actively in the fresh air.

What matters today will be successful

Buying a property
Doing sports
Trip to the country

What is not recommended

Implementation of new ideas
Business meetings

Today will be successful for you, you just have to avoid adventures and be attentive to your surroundings. And do not forget that in addition to work, you need to think about your health. Be careful and do not forget to press the buttons and

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