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Lunar day today is July 13

Lunar day today is July 13th year

The energy of the moon can completely change our lives. The most important thing is to learn how to use it correctly, and the daily lunar calendar will help with this.

Today is suitable for making responsible decisions and fundamental changes in life. If you were planning to make a big deal, then July 13th is just the right time to start something new. If it is difficult for you to make a choice, then you can ask for help from a pendulum that will dispel all your doubts.

Phase of the Moon: On July 13, the rising moon day will work closely with the constellation Scorpio. This will fill the 9th lunar day with powerful energy that will help you in achieving your goals.

What will bring success today:

  • laying the foundation for large projects;
  • business trips;
  • registration of contracts with new partners;
  • investments in the banking sector;
  • marriage.

What is not recommended:

  • wait for the perfect moment;
  • doubt the decisions made;
  • count on the help of others;
  • refuse to fulfill your plans.

Important dates July 13th

Lunar household chores

This day is great for starting redecorating and upgrading furniture. If you have long looked after a new sofa, then July 13 will be a favorable day for purchases of this kind. And so that the room always reigned harmony and comfort, you can use the knowledge of Feng Shui, which will help to find your place for each object.

Lunar Wardrobe

First of all, your clothes for today should be comfortable and practical. If you have several business meetings during the day that will smoothly flow into an informal atmosphere in the evening, think over your image to fit any event.

You can add bright accessories to the classic daytime style to match the informal setting or take evening shoes with you. If you make your image correctly today, then success is guaranteed.

Business, Money, and Lunar Career

Today you will have a real chance to move up the career ladder. But do not think that luck itself will come to you. In order for the authorities to notice you, you will have to work hard and show all your professional skills. If there is any doubt left in you, you risk negating all efforts.

For the strength of spirit and self-reliance, you can use runic symbols, which at the right moment will support you and attract the desired.

You should also pay attention to the words, because harsh statements can offend your colleague and spoil the atmosphere in the team. Remember that everyone has the right to their opinion, and it must be respected.

Lunar love and relationship

The atmosphere on July 13 is suitable for flirting with the opposite sex, even if you already have a partner. This game will sharpen your sensitivity and make a variety in family life.

If you are still actively searching, you do not need to cling to the first comer and, after a brief conversation, make joint plans for the future. Remember that life is unpredictable and full of surprises, trust it and then get the best.

Lunar Health

Today, your emotions can both play into your hands and heat up the situation. Learn to switch in time and not to pour out negative on others. If you find harmony within yourself, it will become easier to communicate with others, and many questions simply cease to annoy.

The current 9 lunar day is a time of vigorous action and change. But, as a rule, all changes are accompanied by the fear of defeat and other experiences. In order not to succumb to this feeling, there is an effective method that will always come to the rescue at a difficult moment. The lunar calendar wishes you dedication, perseverance in achieving your desires, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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