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Lunar day today is July 12th

Lunar day is July 12th of the year.

What is moon day today? What you should pay special attention and where to wait for a trick? Find out in the daily lunar calendar for July.

Characteristics of the lunar day July 12

Today is the 26th lunar day, the waning moon in the Zodiac Sign Gemini. Business ventures will require you to maximize returns. You should not fall for illusions, visible achievements can deceive you. No need to make new acquaintances, as this is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Take care of ordinary daily activities and do not overload yourself.

26 lunar day — difficult to establish connections day. People and pulls talk to each other caustic. You need to set yourself up in a peaceful way, and then everything will fall into place.

Limit the circle of contacts and enter into a conversation only when necessary. Excessive fuss will force you to waste your life energy in vain.

Waning moon — a person is in a state of emotional decline. He gets tired quickly and experiences stress. It is advisable to choose cases for the application of forces that do not require much effort.

Day of the week — Sunday, the planet-ruler of the Sun. Lunar day is marked by a decrease in vital activity. If you decide to change something in your life, then think a few times.

The risk is justified if there are prerequisites to catch luck by the tail.

What matters today will be successful

  • Cleaning of the apartment
  • Business negotiations
  • Short trips and transfers
  • Capital accumulation
  • Meeting with a friend

What is not recommended

  • Talk about your accomplishments
  • Buying real estate and furniture
  • Changing the rhythm of life
  • Vanity and empty running

Today’s lunar day, July 12, is an important and momentous one. Communication with loved ones is best minimized, as there is the possibility of disputes.Improve yourself in some area and do not forget to press buttons and

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