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Lunar day today is July 1

Lunar day today July 1

In any area of ​​life you can achieve success with the help of the lunar calendar. Astrologers will tell you how to get luck to be with you throughout the day on July 1.

It is the first day of July. Today will be a rather controversial day, the essence of which is connected with problems of an energy nature. 10 tricks to improve energy protection will help solve them.

These secrets will tell you how to preserve your health, mood, and get protection from the evil eye and curses. In a world where envy often keeps up with our grins, this is necessary. On such a day, the body’s vulnerability increases, but you will have the opportunity to replenish the stock of energy.

Phase of the Moon: July 1, the Moon continues its decline, being in the Sign of Taurus. This zodiacal constellation will have a very positive effect on people’s lives, but the 26th lunar day itself is unfavorable. The moon and the stars will be in dissonance, which will affect all spheres of life.

On this day, it is better to rest more, monitor your health and not risk it without a good reason.

What will bring success July 1

  • abstinence from temptations;
  • privacy;
  • investment of funds;
  • search for a new hobby;
  • relaxation;
  • rejection of bad habits.

What takes away good luck on July 1

  • vigorous activity;
  • a waste of time and energy;
  • reckless spending;
  • overwork;
  • business planning.

Home affairs on the 26th lunar day

At home, try to occupy yourself with such things that do not require the help of anyone. Be independent and do not hope that someone will express a desire to help you. Do only what is really necessary, because a waste of time today will deprive you of good luck and good mood.

Do not plan anything, but try to solve problems as they arrive. If you have long wanted to rearrange the furniture or start making repairs, astrologers advise you to try to do it, but do not overwork for an unattainable result. Just praise yourself for the effort.

What to wear on July 1

Protective mascots today are the most relevant. Read our article on the energy of stones to find your lucky charm. Charms and stones from diseases, from the evil eye and damage, as well as from failures will do.

From metals it is better to give preference to silver, which will also help you to find stability in your mood. Clothes should be free and light. The best flowers today are white, green and black. Black is suitable for those who want to succeed in love.

Green and white are the best choice for business people and those who want to have a good rest on July 1st.

Business, Money, and Lunar Career

If you are asked for help at work or in business, boldly refuse to everyone. Today you better be left to yourself. Otherwise, you risk losing the remaining strength.

The sooner you are at home, the better.

Try to find yourself a new hobby. Think about what you love and immediately start looking for ways to get involved in this business. If you like to read, but have not taken the book in your hands for a long time, make yourself a gift — buy a new book of your favorite writer.

In short, work today will not be the best occupation, so try to look for any ways to distract from problems. The lunar calendar advises not to make unrealizable plans for the future and not to undertake things that can be transferred to tomorrow.

Lunar love and relationship

In love, success today will be much harder than usual. Do not try to jump higher than your head, because on July 1 solitude will save you from a fiasco. If you are already in a relationship, spend the evening with the second half in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, and it is advisable to go about your business.

Be independent and do not conflict. Any quarrels will have a very negative effect — up to parting.

Lunar Health and Emotions

Give up alcohol, cigarettes and fatty foods. This will improve your mood and allow more time to stay in a vigorous physical condition. Do not try to find solace in work today — it’s better to keep a good mood by rest.

The only things that will not require large amounts of energy — financial.

Read the solar calendar for July 1, so that the favor of Fortune doesn’t exactly leave you. Astrologers recommend not to worry about the little things and not be exposed to stress. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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